Jan 24, 2009

Jan 24th 2009

Today was rainy and tropical. Usually the day/night temps are 4/20 F. Today it is 30 F to 40 F!!!! Today is downright tropical.

I hung out inside my freedom wagon "Hell Bitch" which consists of a 96' Ford f-250 and a small, old, well-preserved, truck camper. The camper is quite comfortable and warm with plenty of storage space. I paid $150 for the "bitch" and it is in fine shape. My dog "Freddy" and I plan to spend this upcoming summer living in her.

We plan to add much more equipment to the rig in the next few months. We will need a reciever hitch motorcycle carrier for my little Chinese dirt bike, and some sort of small boat to carry on the roof of the camper.

"Freddy" already loves the camper and we have spent many a swell evening chillin' out in the Hell Bitch. We can hardly wait to be out on the road for extended periods of time.