Sep 26, 2010

September 26th, 2010

September 24th, 2010:   Time to write!   I finally figured out how to fix my font sizes on the Apple.   I really believe that the microsoft system is much more user friendly.   But I plan to stick with the Apple--for only one reason--I don't have to play doctor 24/7 and try to diagnose and treat all the viral issues that Microsoft has.   No more "Blue Screen o' Death",   No more losing all pics and docs!  No more F'ing bullcrap idiot lieing messages that tell you what to do.   SCREW MICROSOFT AND THE THIEF THAT STARTED IT ALL!!!   Consider the founder of Apple (Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac):   These two were buddies with Bill Gates back in the 70's,  a time when all the Northeast coast computer nerds were freely sharing information.  Bill didn't partake in sharing, as a matter of fact, he stole quite a few programs including windows.  Gates pissed so many programmers off that many took to writing viruses.  Avoiding all that drama,  I will continue using Apple computers.

Today I had parent conferences in the morning and met a number of good parents.   Most were here for their students who had 99 percent averages,  parents of the kids that work hard and do all their assignments.   The lazy parents (like myself),  were too lazy to show,  and many of their children are too lazy to do their classwork.    The apple doesnt fall far from the tree.   I do find the LDS parents to be very supportive and considerate for the most part.

Got off at noon and found a nice three bedroom duplex for rent,  my son is tired of spending 1/2 his income for an apartment,  and his best friend can't afford to rent a place at all.   So I'm renting this new place and we should all save a pile of money.

Went on my first flyfishing trip in 30 years,  even then I didn't know what I was doing.   My ex-rockstar friend "Ricky",  took me on an unwanted 1/2 mile hike to a good fishing spot on the Logan River.  "You want me to wade in that?",  I asked as Ricky put on his waders and jumped waist deep in the flowing mountain stream.   Having no waders, I grudgingly stepped into some of the coldest water I've ever experienced.  Once the water was up to my ass I was in total pain,  but proceeded to fish while keeping the bitching down to a minumum.  Ricky was an excellent coach and within 5 minutes the water exploded around my fly,  and I fought my first cutthroat trout while Ricky shouted advise (some good,  some not needed). Ricky seemed more excited about me catching the fish than I did.   I carried the fish up the river bank, knocked it on the head to prevent further suffering,   then changed into some dry clothes,  allowing Ricky a chance to catch himself a fish.   The Cutthroat trout is a most beautiful fish,  with a splash of intense crimson across the neck area,   they are the native species here and are finally making a healthy comeback after the introduced brown and rainbow trout were introduced.    I hated killing this one,  but I wanted something to eat that night,  and maybe fresh trout was better than the store bought crap I've previously cooked.  To me trout always tasted like mud.

Ricky was still amazed at my "beginners luck",  but I being a long time fisherman, told him that "luck" had little to do with the fact that I aimed the fly under an overhanging branch,  where I knew there was liable to be a fish, hiding in the shade during the hot afternoon.   Ricky continued to fish for another 20 minutes,  while I dryed out and watched his fly fishing technique.   He finally caught a small brown trout,  and we headed back on the rocky trail,  and finally made it to the car.   Had I known we were going to be hiking a mile I would have brought water and a decent pair of hiking shoes.  Instead I'm feeling every sharp pebble under the soles of my moccasin-like topsiders,  which are shoes designed for climbing on sailboats.    The shoes did come in handy when ascending a steepish narrow trail,  and gripped far better than my hiking boots could.      Once back in Logan,  I cleaned the fish,  made some rice,  and baked the fish after an application of butter, dill, lemon ect....    After the fish was baking,  I pulled off a chunck,  choked it down,  and the familier taste of mud permeated my senses.  Next time I plan to fry the damn thing and cover it which every spice in my cabinet in order to give it some kind of flavor.   Trout really are not good eating fish when compared to salmon, crappie,  perch,  and nearly every fish I could name.   Yet trout look so beautiful and colorful, makes one hungry just to look at them.   I plan to look at most of my future trout before letting them go.  I'm sure the fish will like that much better than the alternative.

While enjoying my trout dinner (the rice was great),  I listened to my high school students beat the tar out of a rival team.   I knew and have taught jewelry to, most of the varsity football team,  many have been my best artists.   I guess the tough disipline involved in playing football is why the players can excel in the tedious refining processes which making jewelry also requires.   Jewelry and Football?  Who would have imagined...

Saturday morning I went to Angies (where the locals eat) for breakfast.   The local waitresses,  crowded around me asking questions about my unique way of eating pancakes,  where I carve a caldera in the center and pour the syrup into it,  then slowly eat away at the edges until the hole is nearly as wide as the pancake.   Usually I leave the last 1/4 inch of pancake so it looks like a bicycle wheel,  which I do more from being full,  than to leave a signature.   I bet the dishwashers wonder about the phenomenon of my pancake remains.

Had a fun afternoon driving around on my bike looking for another place,  since the landlord that promised me a place yesterday reneged on the deal.  I guess her husband (a Bishop),  forbid her to rent it to us.  Who knows?   I found another place with cool 60's archetecture,  right out of the Brady Bunch house,  with a few Frank Lloyd Wright elements.   This landlord is a sweet elderly lady who will probably become a good friend and neighbor.   Having her next door should keep my room mates whipped into shape!
I will miss the washer/dryer and other appliances that the other house had,  but this house has a cool factor,  and that matters most to me.

At 9:00 PM I took a taxi to the Fraternal Order of Eagles lodge,  to watch my friend Kelly's band play for their pirate party (yar!).the F.O.E. lodge was an anacronism, right from the drinking places from the 1950's.   They even had a regulation horseshoe pit in the spacious back yard of the lodge.   The crowd was about halfway between the Masons and the Hells Angels,  all were drinking together in the cause of public good.   The F.O.E.  included several famous people including 7 presidents,  many baseball players,  boxers, governors, etc...   Mothers Day was initiated by the Eagles as well.   The drink prices are cheap,  and there was a much higher quality of ladies,  than the other three drinking spots in town.   I get two more complimentary visits before I have to commit to joining.   I might just join.  The Eagles are a good group of folks,  and they like to party!

I stayed till closeing,  then hung out with the band and friends before coming home around 3 AM.  I was still pretty sober,  so I cooked up some Indonesian marinated quail and served it over rice.  Unlike the previous nights trout, the quail was excellent.   I then went to bed and awoke at 2 PM Sunday,  feeling like a million dollars.  Met which my new land lord,  and hopefully I will sign the least and pay for my new place on Monday.   She wants to met my son and his friend first.    Hopefully we will get this place.