Feb 11, 2009

Feb 11 2009

Checked my bank account this morning and noticed that Walmart had fixed their mistake! I also noticed that the $300 check I deposited yesterday, to keep my account from bouncing, was not there.... No record of the deposit was on my account?? I drove to the bank, walked up to the teller that deposited the check and politely told her what happened. She acted like she didn't remember me. I told her I was probably the last customer of the day, and reminded her that she led me into the safe to access my safety deposit box.

She went through a small pile of checks and found it, then checked my account and put the deposit into my account. At no point did she admit fault or apologize. What is wrong with people nowadays? Seems like most people are too cowardly to admit when they are wrong, and few will apologize for they're mistakes.

Took Freddie up into the mountains today, he got so excited that he forgot how to come when I call him...again. I don't blame him, but something has got to change or I can't take him out in the wilderness. I might try a dog whistle or even a shock collar. Freddie also tore away at the backdoor during the day, flipped over his water and food, and tore out all the bedding from his doghouse. Freddy is clearly challenging my authority as the alpha male. I'll read some of "The dog whisperer's" techniques and apply them today if he still needs it.

In the evening, Logan and I went to the underground pizza place nearby and watched WTC(?) boxing and wrestling. It was fun.