Feb 23, 2009

Feb 23 2009

Warm rainy day, up to 36 degrees, feels like spring is here.

Logan had a sprained neck this morning, he couldn't turn his head. He looked better in the afternoon and even went out to hang with friends.

Good day today, which turned into a great afternoon. Spent the evening swimming, doing laundry, driving at night, with Freddy (he really dug getting to see the night view of Logan City! I love this dog but he sheds quite profusely, if he rubs up against your leg, the part that he touched looks like a fur coat. He's worth it though, I guess...

Had Sambar (thin Indian soup) with three toasted tortillas for dinner. Tortillas are great when warmed on on a dry frying pan. The Sambar was uneventful, like Campbells, only with a curry flavor.

I will leave you now,