Jun 29, 2010

June 30th, 2010

The bike came out of the shop after 7:00PM with new tires. The handling and lack of strange road noises were noticed immediately, the old tires were so cupped in places the bike tried to slide out from under me yesterday while turning a corner. A very hard "foot plant" into the concrete is all that kept the bike from going down in the street, with a car behind me. This scared me enough to postpone the trip another two days, and shell out a considerable amount of money for the tires. The difference noticed in the bikes handling while, driving back to the "Super 8", is far more important than things like money and time. God only knows what would have happened had I tried to go to Dallas on those old tires? At best I could have been stranded, at worst?? I don't want to think about it. One should never compromise when it comes to safety, especially on a motorbike.

Second night in the Logan "Super 8" motel. I love this place, wish I could rent a room by the month here. Sure it smells old and dank in the main hallway, and some of the furniture should be chopped up and burned, but the Indians that run the place put off such a friendly vibe, combined with the best damn Jacuzzi on the planet, make this place excellent in my book. $50 per night, makes it the second cheapest place in Logan, but I much prefer it to the far more expensive Best Western I stayed in two weeks ago. Actually I prefer the two nights I spent, in the truck camper, behind Mikes house, in the Middle of the valley, out in the country with a marsh full of cattails and frogs to keep me company. This jacuzzi is 100 degrees in heat, with hundreds more jets than the standard ones. The size was big enough for 10 people and no danger of brushing against your neighbor. The force behind the water flow, was reminiscent of the Pratt and Whitleys of a 747. The best Jacuzzi I have have sat in, and the nice cold 5 foot deep, indoor pool, is the perfect place to jump into afterward. It was heaven.

Nite all, leaving for Wyoming in the morning.