Feb 13, 2009

Feb 13th 2009

Nothing much happening today. Everyone seemed kind of bummed out at school, seems like the high of 20 degrees failed to cheer anybody up. I worked on my new ring all day and it's starting to look refined and professional. The kid who made the wax origional was pleased with his accomplishments. This kid has a promising future in the Jewelry business.

Freddy threw another fit today when I was gone. He flung his food and water bowl in the back yard, out of protest that I dare leave him outside during the day. I will get some time to spend with him this weekend and hopefully we can work this impasse out. My last two dogs were "outside only", so I might have made a mistake in spoiling him. Time will tell of course.

Hung out in the camper again and the heater got the camper heated up lickety-split! Hell, It was only 15 degrees above.
Dog was good and seemed to like the cave and fireplace thing.
Called Chuck and Dan Aptekar. Chuck and wife are going back on the job, and Dan was quite fun to talk to as aways. Dan has the most laid back personality and knows much interesting information.