Jul 8, 2010

July 8th, 2010

What can I say, another night in the Hindu palace. I wonder if they rent here by the month so I don't have to live in the house I rented... I would do it in a heartbeat! I've always loved hotels, cheap ones, nice ones, all the same really. Since I was a kid, and Mom and Dad would stay at the Holiday Inn, I used to love it. The ice machine, the swimming pool, the freedom of coming and going when you choose. The cable TV, AC, Free Brekkies. What could someone not like about them? Ok, I can think of a few things, but most motels/hotels are fine with me.

I made it to the Hotdog stand at 11:00 A.M. and got my Chicago and New York style dogs, proceeded to my classroom to eat them, and surf the fast internet, while entertaining my fish.
Some day care mama with a passel of multi-colored kids was hanging around in my hallway long after the free lunch, she was hanging out in the hall, sucking in the free AC, while the kids she was watching were running in and out of the building, keeping the doors open using school furniture, probably waiting for her pimp to pick all the kids up and back the the place she was illegally holding day care. They were loud as hell, and more than running Amok, so I walked down the hall without expression (which is frightening if you saw it), removed the chairs that were holding the doors open and costing my school so much money. On my way back I glared, just long enough for her to realise what a pain in the ass she was being. She didnt take the hint and her little followers, stayed loud and out of control. Tomorrow, I will speak to her if she's still squatting in the ART area, just loitering, with out a better thing to do.

Looked up the directions again to get my bike fixed, then off to Majic Mikes place to see if he could help out her handling issues. Mike wasn't there but his wife allowed me to use his tools in order to fix the problems. Problem #1 was that the fork suspension was set a little bit different from one fork to the other. Done, I removed the handle bars, and aligned the fork preload adjustments the way I wanted. Mike returned and got the back shock sufficient air for a 300 pounder. He had to pump it from 5 to 45 pounds of pressure, most 150 pounders needed 15 psi, I needed 45, the bike only had 5 pounds of air in the friggin' rear shock, which made the bike unstable at certain times, where there was stress on the frame. She is way more stable now, I want to take her on another trip.

Stopped at my son's Penthouse to say hi and have a drink but no one was home. I went to his shady back porch, so I took the luxury of drinking a refreshing can of "Chelada" which is Budwieser mixed with "Clamato", tomato/clam juice drink. Sounds disgusting but is very refreshing. I can't believe "Budwieser" had the guts to make this stuff. But I am a true "Chelada" fan. Seafood, Beer, and Tomato is a great combination. Logan's room mate, and a couple other friends, showed up and we had a nice conversation. Soon they left me to my peace and went inside to play video games. All were pleasant old teenagers.

Drove home and spent the rest of the evening in the Hindu Palace, did the Jacuzzi ritual, spent the remainder of the night talking to my sweet older sister, and reading "The life of Pi" , while dreaming about the next "Chelada" I will have.