Mar 19, 2009

March 18th, 2009

Had a great day, casted 15 pieces of Jewelry after school, all turned out quite well. I also made great progress carving out a wax figurine of "Quetzalcoatl" (The Aztec Feathered Serpent). I'm going to use the carving for an end cap for the Celtic "Torc" I am making. The Ancient Celtic Chief tans, would wear a twisted, thick, rope made of bronze, silver, or even gold (depending on their wealth), with end caps depicting stylized figures, like falcons, lions, snakes, etc... Mine will have an Aztec Quetzal for one end cap, and the stylized rattle for the other one. I plan to cast the end caps out of silver with sapphires for the eyes. I should be finished in a couple weeks.

Got home at 4 PM, which is late, and fell asleep for TWO HOURS, which is a record after work nap. Fortunately one of the kids next door woke me up by knocking at my door. The kid kicked her ball in my back yard so I went and got it.

Logan and I took Freddy up to Providence canyon to scout out a place to camp this weekend. It was getting dark when we climbed the Hell Bitch to an altitude of 5400 ft, we were the only ones up there, it was like being in another world, with plenty of snow on the ground still.

Freddy was soooo excited, and since no one was around, I turned him loose and let him go exploring, which he ecstatically did. Freddy was running hither and thither, jumping in the icy stream, jumping into snow banks, and paying careful attention to mark every tree in sight. When he would get to far, all I had to do was whistle and he would come running back to me with a huge smile on his face and in his eyes. Logan who was wearing a t-shirt opted to stay in the cab since the air was 15 degrees colder than down in the valley from whence we came. I did have a beer (just one), while waiting on Freddy to get his fill of scenery, Logan had one also (just one). Damn that boy is growing up, he's 18.5 years old now, and enjoys a beer on occasion. I sure hope his thirst for beer never comes close to mine. Although, living up here in the great white north, and since I'm older, I don't care for drinking nearly as much as in the old days. Too much fun stuff to do up here I guess.