Feb 25, 2009

Feb 25 2009


Rough day, not enough sleep. Rained in the afternoon, the snow is melting fast, the dog is covered with mud, and everything is bogged down. I miss the cold when all the water was ice or snow and not WATER!

Came home and crashed for a couple hours, then went and sprinted 500 yards in the pool at the health spa. Even laid in the tanning booth again.... (Heather)!
I may be a big, hairy, 280 pounds of man flesh, but I look way nicer when not as white as a corpse! Got to give all these faire Mormon ladies something to fight over....(hehehe).

I like the Mormons quite a bit. They are very family oriented and tend to have many kids. Most LDS (Mormon) children are very happy, loved, and well adjusted compared to children from broken homes. I also learned about the wisdom of food storage from the Mormons.

Hung out in the back of the "Hell Bitch" for a few hours with Freddy. You know the story, this is a happy place to hang out. I plan to stock up the "Hell Bitch" with 6 months supply of food, gas, and bullets, just in case shit hits the fan.

Many Mormons practice advanced food storage techniques and I must admit that I follow the wisdon of this. Lets say disaster happens, like a great depression where there are millions out of work and roving the land looking for food like in the 30's. The ones that are prepared, will have food and enough bullets to hunt with or protect their food supply. Many suburbanites would get invaded by huge mobs of hungry, desparate, inner-city people, and probably get killed or starve. I would merely jump in the Hell Bitch, hide way up in the mountains and ride out the storm.

I am not a survivalist or a gun nut, but the Mormans have been prepared for over a hundred years. Utah has historically a dicey place to carve out a living. Most of the state is a dry desert. In bad years the Mormons would dip in to their food storages and, live through crop failures better than the unprepared. So the tradition still exists strongly today, to hoard food. The main grocery store here has a giant wide aisle dedicated to large cans and barrels of food to stock up with.
85 percent of all American households only have enough food stored away to last for a month. Nearly all Mormon families have at least 6 months of food stored.

I have over 70, 5 pound cans of food staples, including powdered milk, oats, beans, sugar, oil, rice, wheat, and flour. I could last for more than a year with this, plus we have a huge stock of canned soups, veggies and other food.

Many events could cause food unavailability: Natural disaster, nuclear war, oil embargos ect... Storing food should be a top priority for everyone. If the super volcano known as "Yellow Stone" erupts again (it is thousands of years overdue), the resulting amount of volcanic ash, would cool the earth down for 4 or 5 years, and crop failures would be rampant. Hate to seem like a "sky is falling" sounding person, but it is smart to be prepared.