Mar 27, 2009

March 27th 2009

(continued from the previous post). At 5:30 A.M. Freddy starts walking around loudly on the wood floor in the next room. Sounds like he was frantically pacing back and forth, loud enough to wake me up from a deep sleep. I called him over and petting him a few times before falling back to sleep. Freddy goes back to his pacing and then I hear him groan and whine while pacing. I asked him if he needed to go outside. Freddy, who understands English quite well, started jumping on me like he was saying "Damn right I need to go outside! It's about time you understood what I was asking you dumbass!" Freddy had a strange look of eager anticipation of relief while he jumped around excitedly as I walked toward the back door. Freddy bolted out the door like the house was afire and immediately took a 5 minute long piss. He then dissapeared into the back yard beyond the porch light to do the "other" thing.

I thought "Screw going back to bed", I'll enjoy the luxury of having 1 1/2 hours to get ready for work!" Freddy came back inside a few minutes later and was so happy that I was capable of understanding that he really had to go pretty bad. Freddy is one hell of a good dog!

Not being in a hurry in the morning was nice. Wish I could fall asleep at 10:00PM so I could wake at 5:30 every morning. I made some fine Darjeeling tea, had a bit of toast with cream cheese and smoked trout (smoked trout is much cheaper than salmon, if you can find it), listened to the news on the radio, took my time getting ready in the bathroom. Got dressed, then briskly walked to school in the cold sunny morning, feeling like I was on top of the world.

The first couple classes went well, but my 4 1/2 hours sleep the previous night was to haunt me for the rest of the afternoon. The students were lively as they usually are on Friday, while I was dazed but patient as I served out the rest of the day's sentence.

I got home in the blazing 39 degree sunny afternoon. Freddy was very excited to see me as usual, so I nixed my plans to take a nap, played with Freddy, then brought the big red beast out of the garage and started it for the first time in a week. Unfortunately my "beast" is a large dirt bike and I really can't ride it in town. After the bike warmed up I thought up a route to the nearby convenience store riding mainly in parking lots, with bits of sidewalk riding to get from lot to lot. I throttled up the beast and the noise shook the walls of my house as I eased her out of the back yard. I took off carefully, since the bike would prefer to do a "wheelie" if allowed to have it's way, and weaved my way though the buildings and old parking lots, occasionally getting to spray gravel while quickly holding back all it's mind numbing power and glory. I had to leave her running in front of the store, because I didn't want to have to kickstart a semi-warm engine and risk a vapor lock, not to mention that I like hearing the bike go "thump, thump, thump" from inside the store. I flirted with the nice, hot looking, older lady (blond, mid 30's) behind the counter, grabbed my quart of Tecate' beer, and threaded my way home, without driving on the street whatsoever.

Logan came back from a job interview and was dressed pretty nice. Usually he is wearing some form of teenage shirt with writing and at least one skull or devil printed on it. He might just get this job after all. Funny how many teenagers hate to read, but like to wear clothing that require reading.

Spent the rest of the evening, tending to my EBAY auctions, watching TV, and sleeping. Hopefully tomorrow will be warm enough to go fly fishing, bike riding, or something fun. There lurks a mean snow event in the Gulf of Alaska which is heading our way.