Jan 28, 2009

Jan 28th 2009

Much warmer today. Highs in the mid 20's with SNOW! Freddie and I love the snow. School is out and we are going to the gym to swim some laps.

Here is the blogsite to my friend George, who's blog is an inspiration to me and is filled with good advice about what I plan to do. George and I have different approaches to the same goal (freedom). :http://blog.vagabonders-supreme.net/

Earlier I wrote about the virtues of Indian MRE's or "Meals Ready to Eat". The food is excellent, needs no refrigeration, cheap, delicious, and uses little storage space. http://www.ishopindian.com/shop/readymade-entrees-c-33.html is the source where I get Indian MRE's. A boondocker (rv'er who doesn't use rv parks or full hook-up campgrounds), with no refrigeration, needs to learn the secrets I've learned from the blue water cruising community, many years ago. For example: If you paint your eggs with veggie oil, they will last for 2 weeks or more. Mayo doesn't really need refrigeration. Sprinkle lemon juice on your newly caught fish fillets, then let them dry on the roof in the sun before you eat it raw. It's easy to live without refrigeration, as long as your not too picky.
CAUTION: Be careful which MRE's you buy, some are definately an aquired taste. Mango Dahl and Bhindi Marsala come to mind here. The Chana Marsala, and most of the other Dahls are good stuff. MTR, Priva, and VeeTee are brands that I prefer.