Jul 1, 2010

July 1st, 2010

Woke up late, and added another day to staying in my $37 per night hotel, there is more in this vicinity that I want to see. So I mostly chilled, watched tv, and went exploring the town and taking pictures. Add a strange breakfast at the "Krazy Moose" restaurant, which looks like a big elks lodge on the inside. The morning special was "Huevous Rancherous", which I;m sure was intentionally misspelled since the dish consisted of a bunch of beef, and potato leftovers?, dumped on a tortilla which sat in a bowl with two fried eggs on the top. Lots a white gravy in the dish. It was less than palatable, but more than cheap and filling so bitch doth not I.

Slept off the meal, and awoke to "All in the Family" which I watched a few episodes of, before jumping on the bike to get some pictures of this lovely town. Most of the pics sucked, I need to review and hone my skills using this old Konica-Minolta camera.
I used to take smashing pics with my big Nikon, but it was to cumbersome to travel with. This Minolta does do a good job, when it is operated correctly.

The awesomes storms started up during my photo shoot, so I hid in my hotel room and waited another couple hours to go to dinner, again at the Moose! Dinner was far better than the breakfast, and the beer prices were more than reasonable. I had the
hamburger steak with onions and mash under an exquisite brown gravy. I perused the local newspapers, and places to see, while I piled down this food, since I been starving for two days now it seems. Spent the next hour or so enjoying the cool post rainy weather, sitting on the bench in front of my room, until an old Navajo indian, my next door neighbor pulled up and
we talked for over an hour, comparing jobs, kids, ect... I enjoyed the convo, not meeting many indians, but the Navajo seem to be the best adapted of most of the tribes I'm familiar with. Had several Navajo students these past few years, and they are quite in tune with both sides of our societies. The indian question is still unsolved, but clearly we can't give back to them all we have taken. Its still sad how the reservation systems, haven't kept up with modern times.

Not sure If I will stay here in old Green River tomorrow or go camping up in the high desert, I am interested in this place, so I
don;t plan to move down the road for the next few days. It sure is nice being out on the road with no real destination or purpose, other than to learn. No deadlines, no expectations, no promises to keep...what will happen we shall see. I really love this Wyoming high desert area, can't explain why, but all things I like in a place can be found here.