Mar 9, 2009

March 9, 2009

Nearly all the snow had melted by Sunday night. My driveway was finally clear of snow and ice, and the BBQ grill has been in use the past two nights. I woke up this morning and there was 8 inches of snow on the ground, by the time I got off work there was 12 to 15 inches. This is the most snow I've ever seen fall in 1/2 a day. The dog loves it even more than Logan and I! Freddy leaps up high in the air and hits the snow with a swan dive then pounces up and down like a ferret trying to catch prairie dogs or something. (check back later for more).

After 20 minutes of shoveling snow in a snowstorm, I had to drive to the utility dept. in order to pay the ole electric bill. I brought my dog Freddie with me (did I tell you how much he loves the snow?). After threading my way through the police station parking lot, in the screaming blizzard, w/o hitting a single police car or cop, I managed to pay my bill!

Then we barely managed to get out and nearly nailed a cop car this time while leaving the parking lot. Some people drive like shit in the snow. Freddy and I didn't want to go back home in this interesting weather so we decided to go to the gym, way up in North Logan. I entered the gym, scheduled a tan, then proceeded to dress for the weight room, since I left my swim skivveys in the snow-buried Volvo, which was inundated by the bloody snow plows during the night. I lifted and worked my legs out mainly, my upper body is strong enough due to all the swimming I do. Tanned for a full 20 minutes and now am looking like a respectable light skinned Mexican!

We drove on home, Freddy still being cool about getting to watch the truck cab for an hour.

Now it's time to make the Koshari, that I bought the ingrediants for a few days ago, before all those steaks made it into my fridge. Here is the recipe that I am making tonight:

by Shirley Elmokadem
Egyptian recipe for Koshari'
I love eating Koshari' when I stay in Egypt. It's made of lentils, macaroni, chick peas and lentils. It's a perfect vegetarian fast food. Try this simple recipe.
Ingredients 1 cup black lentils 1 cup white rice 1 cup of chick peas, (these can be bought in a tin or soak some overnight) 1 cup uncooked macaroni 2 onions 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 cloves garlic, crushed 2 cups tomato sauce Pinch of chilli powder or teaspoon of hot sauce. ( Add according to taste. I like my sauce hot!)
Simmer the lentils and chick peas, (if uncooked), on a low heat for about thirty minutes or until they are tender. Cook the rice and macaroni. Then mix all four together in a large bowl. Fry the onions, ( save some for the topping), and garlic gently in the olive oil. Add the tomato sauce to this mixture and heat until boiling. Then remove from heat. Put the lentil mixture in a dish and cover it with the sauce and onion. Mumtaz!

This is great stuff, many people leave out the chickpeas which I will probably do next time. I used Classico pasta sauce, and put a layer of it between the layers of rice, lentils, and pasta. I also used a lot of cayenne pepper and curry powder with the lentils. Logan ate a ton of this stuff. I'd make it more but it uses a lot of pots and pans, which I don't like to clean.