Feb 17, 2009

Screw Walmart part II

Snowing like HELL all day, prolly about 4 or 5 inches of wet stuff. Utah is known for it's high quality dry snow, but with the balmy 30 degree temperature, the snow came down wet and thick all day long. The streets are fairly snow free, which is great cause I had to go to Walmart. As you may recall, I spent last Monday trying to reclaim my $150 that the Logan, Utah Walmart took from me. They passed me around on the phone from the local manager to the corporate office and back, just like a fickin ping pong ball. The next morning one of the charges dissappeared from my bank statement, and everything appeared to be ok.
Last Friday I checked my bank statement and sure enough.....Wally World stole the $150 from me AGAIN! ARRRRRRAAgggghhhhhhhhh! So I got $40 to my name which is supposed to last for the next 9 days.
I called the store AGAIN this morning and the nice manager "Bill" told me to simply show up at the store after I get off work with my receipt and bank statement. I did this and guess what! No one in the @$@$^$%^ store had the power to reemburse my @#$%$& money. Bill was no where to be found. I did get passed on to a semi-intelligent asst. manager who was genuinely sorry for what his company did. Of course he was powerless to help me, but he did loan me his cell phone and recommended I call my bank's corporate office. My bank is going to credit my account, and will remove the charge once I fax the receipt. I plan to take Walmart to small claims court and sue them for my wasted time and aggravation! Like I said "ARRRRRRAgggghhhhhhh"......
Boycott WALMART! Damn right. Remember back in the 80's when Walmart only sold American Made products? That was the Wally World I liked. Now; much of what they sell is cheap Chinese made shit. The entire American economy is bad, but Walmart continues to make big profits. Walmart employees (many which are unemployable elsewhere), aren't allowed to work full time, so they get no benefits: Therefore, the public has to pay for the medical bills of all their non-managerial employees. Too bad Sam Walton is no longer around, cause it used to be a decent place to shop. I am boycotting Walmart, and I hope everyone I know does the same. This beast of a corporation needs to be stopped.
Enough bitching and I will try not to bore you with this again. But I do plan to honestly relay my experiences every day, and sometimes one just has to bitch.
Today did go quite well overall. Freddy's behavior has been immaculent. I took Freddy to Wally world with me and left him in the Hell Bitch (my truck) for at least an hour. He was so glad to see me, which is one of the qualities I used to like about my children back when they were younger. We drove around thru the snowstorm and had a great time. I found out if I make howling sounds, that Freddy will start howling with me. Howling with your dog driving around in a snowstorm might not be for everyone, but ya just got to try it once.
I might add more later, Freddy and I are going to hang out in the camper for a couple hours. I'll be sure to let you loyal readers know if anything interesting comes up.