Feb 28, 2009

Feb 28 2009

Our two organs. When we moved into the house we had no furniture for the main living room, so we went to the D.I. (deseret industries, a LDS goodwill store) and bought the Baldwin organ in the background for $30. Two weeks later I picked up the 67' Hammond classic for $250.

Logan has been practicing every day and is starting to sound pretty good. I taught him the basics and showed him some neat sounding chord progressions.

Feb 27 2009

Grand Teton in the mist...

Going though the pictures of my recent trip I found this one. It's nice living 200 miles from the Grand Tetons. Friday was fun. Called a few old friends after school, had big T-bone steak dinner, played on the computer with Logan, then went to bed. Nice that my back yard stayed frozen today, so the dog is clean and I don't have to leave him in a room for hours while he drys out.