Feb 26, 2009

Feb 26 2009

Another warm day, nearly 40 degrees, the snow depth of my front yard is only about 6 inches of hard crusty icy crap. At least my sidewalk was clear of most of the ice, since I had to unload a carload of Mormon packaged cans of grains, beans, and other stuff. It would suck falling on my ass while carrying 35 pounds of food. After making 5 trips from Mrs. Lloyd's car to my living room, I now have one years supply of food, stored in cans designed to last 30 years or more.

Mrs. Lloyd is a semi-retired Art teacher, who pushes me to stock up on food storage. She works with a group of people from her church and they actually can the grains, suck out all the air, add an oxygen absorption packet, then seal the can. And the prices are quite reasonable. 5 pounds of canned dry pinto beans, with all the air sucked out, for only $4.50. I am really excited to get the onion chips, and oats with this shipment.

I love Mrs. LLoyd, she is very down to earth. She's like the Jewish mother that I never had. She is an incredible artist too. Her oil paintings are wonderful. She also does ceramics, drawings, plays the organ at church, and sings in a top ranked choir at the university. A true genius of the West she is! Of course Judy is a Mormon, like I said, "Mormons rock! Whats nice about her and most Mormons, is that they never preach to me or invite me to their church. She knows I'm a Taoist/Buddhist but it's all good, Judy's love is UNCONDITIONAL.

Nothing too wonderful happened aside from all the food I invested in.

Today was the big championship game for our basketball team. The school gave free bus rides to any student who bought a ticket to the game. The game was 2 hours away from here. So since so many students weren't in their classes, the smarter students that didn't go to the game, ditched school, rather than be stuck in lame ass classes, watching movies and doing nothing.

I know of three kids who got bored, left the school and got busted by the cops for truancy. Well since half the school got "truancy wavers by going to the game" I hope the police go easy on my son and the two other "truants" he was riding around with.

Unfortunately my son was wearing a belt buckle with a real set of brass knuckles attached to the front, and the cops didn't approve of it. The good news is that an 18 year old man, cannot be charged with "truancy"! I can't believe the dumb ass would go out in public with a 10 dollar belt buckle with some Chinese made brass knuckles stuck to the front. Hopefully, this lesson won't be too expensive for him.

Freddy was black from all the mud and had to spend a couple hours in the utility room before I could let him in the kitchen. It's so sad that I have to leave his muddy self in there for so long. He feels that he is being punished or something.
Freddy is quite emotional. I made it up to him by spending the next 3 hours with him in the kitchen, and in the camper: I think he is past it now.

That's about it for today my friends.