Jun 21, 2009

June 20th 2009

Went to gym, swam another 500 yards, laid out in the sun. Life is great! Came home and cooked Steak and fried potatoes with bacon. I could only eat the Steak, the potatoes have too many carbs. Logan enjoyed this meal......as did Freddy.

Shot a few games of pool with my good friend "Larry". Larry is an old man who fought in the Vietnam war, he is the only one of noble character that I have met in this pool hall. We broke up a small gang fight last weekend, by telling the two factions that: "We represent the Pinata's!" there will be no fighting on our turf"! Then we pulled the two combatants apart, and steered them to their respective cars. Funny how humor can diffuse a potentially bad situation.
I should have stayed out of it, but then the two groups of youngsters would have probably gone to jail. The "Pinatas" saved their asses!

Larry is a great human being, has lived a long life punctuated with wives, kids, alchoholism, and is one of the most honest decent humans I've met in a long time. I noticed that his pool playing ability increases with the amount of beer that he drinks. He won't drink hard liquor. We never play for real money, but prefer playing for yachts or corporations, wives, or whatever we happen to think up. We got tired of the pool hall tonight, and drank a few more beers on my front porch before Larry went back home. Very few people impress me, since most seem quite selfish. Larry is a poor old man who fought for our country, has worked manual labor for the past 35 years, never has an unkind thought towards anyone, and has achieved what I can only call Sainthood.

Since we both equally dislike this particular pool hall's owner, we are going to ride bicycles every Friday to the nicer pool establishment a mile up the road. I just got to convince the old man to wear a helment.