Feb 20, 2009

Feb 20 2009

2 degrees this morning. Apparently I stayed up too late the night before and woke up in a daze. This was a giant cup of coffee morning. I hated to put the dog outside, but he has a doghouse and a warm straw filled chicken coop if he gets too cold. But I never see him use these warm places. I started worrying about Freddy around noon, because the temp was still under 10 degrees, fortunately the sun came out and it was a scorching 30 degrees by 2:30 PM. So I got out of school and drove the bike 3 or 4 miles to get some much needed supplies for tonights party. I soon realised the wisdom of wearing gloves in sub-freezing weather, but the sunshine and the Russian hat, kept me warm enough.

Took the "High Bird" dirt bike to school this morning, which was ok, since I only have to go 1/4 mile. The Chinese "High Bird" starts easily at zero degrees, which is much better than my Honda xr650l would do. Funny, I bought this bike brand new including shipping (partially disassembled in crate) for a thousand dollars last June, and the bike runs flawlessly. I did take the time to research these bikes on : www.chinariders.com and took their advice on how to properly break in and set up the new bike. Yes some aspects of the bike are cheesy, but much much better than I expected in the performance dept. I've already put 800 city and backcountry miles on the bike with few problems. I've done some gnarly mountain climbing and was quite impressed that this "Chinese" 200cc motorcycle could haul my big ass up to 8000 ft in a rough mountainous trail without complaint or break down. I've also jumped it on several occasions and got some impressive air and easy landings.
I was saving for a Japanese bike, but I believe I'll put the money in my "new truck" fund, since my truck has 270000 miles on it. This bike should be good for a few more years.

Not much else happening, but I want to give a shout out to my newest follower: Melissa, who is Chucks partner and a heck of a nice lady. She is a mudlogger at the same drilling site that Chuck works at. She just started a Blogger account today, that should be pretty cool.