Jul 28, 2010

July 28th, 2010

Dad and I hit the extensive breakfast bar, I had the biscuits and gravy, which was passible I must say. After going back to the room and sleeping that off, we headed to my old school in Elgin, Tx/, then another 30 miles to the old German town of Fedor, where I spent many nights of 7 years drinking with the local Germans, back when I had a ten acre paradise close by.
My old friend and storekeeper "Clarence", was still there as unchanged as the place that he had operated for the previous 30 years. Clarence is like the wise older brother that I never had. I spent thousands of hours talking to him, and still consider him one of the wisest and smartest people I've known. Never were we "running buddies", but he was more a teacher. Completely self-educated, and only a German speaker until the age 12, Clarence managed to educate himself, while making his own existence in the hot south Texas sun. For some reason, I spent 7 years going to "the School of Clarence" and I grew up considerably due to his influence, I am
lucky to have found a friend like him, and he seemed pleased with the way I have turned out, after many years of absence of contact. Clarence and I had a nice conversation, exchanged news (many of my drinking buddies were dead). After slowly drinking two beers, the conversation lapsed a bit, and there wasn't really much else to say. Dad and I then drove the 60 miles back to Austin in search of "Indian Food". I enjoyed the restaurant hunt, but my traveling companion was getting tired, so I gave up and drove to the nearby "Pappasitos", which is as lame as its ever been. Give me a tiny 6 tabled Mexican place, with a Mexican Mama as the cook, in the bad part of town, any day of the week.

After a 4:00 lunch, we went back to the palace and promptly feel asleep. Dad crashed for good it seems, but I've been kickin' back, watching, TV LAND, and surfing the net. Looks like
my $450 downtown Logan Art Studio Loft is still available! (I have to find some living space, in a few days after touching back down in Logan this Sunday). I'll probably go for the $650 town homes with garage, so I can work on my bike during the winter. I plan to try both out and make the choice next Monday, I'm excited about it!

I have had an excellent visit to Austin, but tomorrow... I must go. I could spend a month here and see a different friend everyday, and probably even meet some new ones. Many of the people in Logan, UT. are friendly, but its just not the same. The LDS in Logan are more "Church Friendly", which seems to run deep if you go to church. Most will always help you move, or build something, and most are positive on the surface, as are most Texan's. I am just more comfortable with the Texas way. Texan's are polite as a general rule. Since dueling was legal in Texas, far into this century, we tend towards politeness. We also fight when our honor is disrespected, (my last fight was only 5 years ago). The Utahns are very quick with aggressive driving (even in shopping carts), aggressive acting, they call you by your last name, even my students, but quickly get confused when you call them on it. I generally just close my tongue, and refrain from reacting to disrespect up in Utah. I feel as a visitor there, and I don't want to have to return too soon . Both places have good folks, but the Texan way is the way Im used to.
Utah, does have way nicer schools, and they spend far less money per student for this. Texas education systems would benefit by studying Utah's, I made about the same salary in both places, but Utah has better benefits, treatment and professional respect. Texas treated us like dogs by comparison. Maybe it was the particular school district I was in, but the benefits are much nicer in Utah in general.

Although, I have few good friends in Logan, I plan to give it one or two more years up there. I am tired of the long frozen winters, but since I plan to hook up a side-car to my bike, I will have a reason to get out and ride during the darkest cold days, and make the best of it. I am also going to be living totally alone for the first time since 1985 and 86, when I lived alone in Commerce, Texas, while working on my sculpture degree. It will be a challenge, but after being alone, most of the summer, I kind of liked the change. Probably be dating a bit more now, and the Mormon ladies are alright by me. Most seem to have their religion in check, and are pretty normal people. I am looking forward to this new school year, and I plan to
make the most of it.

Tomorrow morning, Dad and I will, have a final breakfast with my Daughter Athena, and her husband "Nick", who I don't know too well, but Athena is absolutely crazy about him after 6 months of marriage! Nick is soft spoken, puts off good vibes, I hope to hang around with him a bit more in the future. I like the guy!

Then we shall return to Dallas. I look forward to seeing my Sister and Brother in law, my Mom, my other sister and husband, old friends from Dominos, the Kiesers ect... I do know that my older Sis and her husband "Dave" will take me to dinner or allow me to hang out at their house, or swim in their pool. They are amazing hosts. I will be forever grateful for their kindness and class. I feel welcome in Dallas for sure...