Jun 28, 2010

June 29th, 2010

Hell, where do I begin. I know I should blog more, but during the school year nothing of merit seems to happen. I live for the summer it seems. And this has been quite a different summer than before.

I got the call from my landlord that "she was selling the house and I needed to move this summer", so I decided to move early and be homeless for six weeks, while traveling, I would save rent money. I could tell ya the whole story later, but this suffices for now. So I spent the days between June 16th and June 29th, homeless basically. I spent 8 of these days camping and living in the camper in the back of my truck. 7 of these days were in hotels of some form.

The trouble with constant camping is that I have been running constantly every day, mailing out EBAY auction stuff, which will enable me to go on my big motorcycle trip, and I spent sometime getting help from my doctor and dentist, which was well needed, but I had to do some magic document dynamics, in order to be reembursed for the extreme expenses that medical care requires nowadays.

So my dream is to ride by motorcycle to Dallas and back, which is really not much of a dream, considering that I have several friends that have driven their bikes, trillions of miles, with no big deadly problems. I just bought a 2000 Kawasaki Concours, which is a "Ninja", tamed down with a drive shaft, and a few other compensations, but the bike is pretty, looks new , and is fast as hell!

I have spent over 1200 dollars, getting her perfect for this voyage. All my EBAY effort has been in order to counteract the price I paid to get this 10 year old bike in perfect condition.

I have been writing most of this "transition time" but havent learned how to upload all that onto this forum. I swear, the things I have experienced and noticed, will have you in stitches for many years to come. But I have a need to put down a new page, after slacking for so long. I hope I can entertain you viewers with some cool stuff pretty soon.

I set out today at 8:00 AM to: 1. Mail a fuggin huge 130 pound package to some cajun man in Opelousas Lousiana, which consisted of a "Warn 9000 portable Winch", He paid me 900 bucks for it. He will be able to pull out a house with this thing. But I am finally rid of the big heavy equipment, so I am a happy man! Then I went to my classroom and proceded to figure out why my "Lion fish" is sooo distressed. Since my saltwater tank chemistry was fine, I brought out my "Salt content", device from the bowels of my storage shed, and it indicated, that I have not checked my salt level in some time. My classroom tank was close to the same levels as the fickin "Dead Sea", which I spent 2 hours of water changes in order to bring the tank to normal. My attention to my fish, has brought happy results.

Then I had to take the truck camper, with camping trailer (dirtbike, bicycle, and trash), to my old buddy Mr. Burninghams house. Unfortunately, Mr. "B" has more shit than I, but he claims that he has a place to park it. Mr. "B" is the heart of the
Art Department at Logan High, and I attest that he is a damn good man!

"Then I went back to my other best friend "Mike Nelson", who was working on my bike. "Mike" is an incredible human being in his own wright." Mike, not only has an excellent motorcycle shop in his own garage, but he also leads motorcycle tours for some company in Los Angeles, CA. He is also the local Captain for "BACA", whose organization is an advocate for abused kids, which gets involved with helping out the unfortunate, and they go as far as they need to help these people. I might become a member at some point.

At Mikes, we noticed the sorry condition of my tires, but today we couldnt find any new ones locally. So tonight I'm in a "Super 8" motel, waiting for my tires, which should come in tomorrow.