Feb 9, 2009

Feb 9th, 2009

I finally found my damned cable that allows me to upload my pics from my Nikon D-60 to my computer. Unfortunately I had my camera set to "Dumb ass Mode" or "Automatic" which tended to over-expose my pictures due to the increased light in a snowbound world. I plan to educate myself and learn how to fully use this camera, but it will be quite the challenge. I confess I didn't get the camera out much, especially around town, since the thing weighs as much as my SKULL!

In the future I will get a smaller digital (Canon makes an excellent one for less than $200), that will allow me to get easier in-town shots.

I will try to get some of the pics I did take ASAP. It is a good idea to reread my posts a few days later, as I am constantly updating them and adding things.

Today I went back to school in order to ascertain the wreckage that forms when leaving the classroom in the hands of a substitute. Fortunately my Sub was hand-picked by me for her easy going nature and her general success in relating to kids. "Jen" did a heck of a job! Funny how any reasonably intelligent person, with no training could do my job as long as they can relate to young people. Teaching is a great career! don't ya know??? But you gotta love young people, and you got to be able to deal with craziness and stress.

My teachers aides helped Jen take over the helm for three days, which is the longest time I've been away since moving to Utah. Jen is a heck of a gal and my students seemed to like her alot!

Freddie is having a tough time dealing with the unseasonable warmth we've suffered with in February. The temps get up to nearly 40 everyday but with the snow and rain my back yard is a total mud hole. Freddy plays all day in the cold mud, but cannot come into the house in the afternoon, since he is so wet and nasty! Today, I put him into the utility room for three hours to dry out, before I could brush the filth off of him. He is also shedding copious amounts of long, fine, fur, which covers the interior of our house.

Today I bought a more effective vacuum cleaner and a serious doggy brush. I plan to brush him daily, and try to use the hose attachment on the vac to suck up as much hair as possible. My older robotic vacuum cleaner is excellent at cleaning the kitchen tile and living room wood floors when I'm not home. I love the "Roomba", but getting fine dog hair off the carpet, is no match for robots, I needed a new weapon!

Inside/outside dogs take a heck of a lot of care, but it is always worth it to do things for others. Freddy is a hell of a good dog, so I can live with the effort and expense. Freddy shows his appreciation for my efforts many, many, times each day, Freddy is truly "mans best friend".