Jan 27, 2011

January 27th, 2011

Sorry folks its been awhile.   I just noticed that seven people a day are checking out my site.   Makes me want to get off my bum and write some more.  Feel that I owe it to the people somehow,  plus I do love to write. Just been working like a slave and not much else.  

I decided to look for an international school teaching job (you know the ones that give you free housing,  don't tax you,  but still pay the same or more than I make now).....    I'm flying to California to attend a big 5 day job fair and hopefully will land one of these positions.   I love Utah and all,  but I'm not from here and there are so many places I got to see (Free Bird lyrics?)....   I really want to work somewhere in the orient but I applied for jobs in Europe, Africa, and South America as well.  Mexico would be ideal, with its proximity to Texas,  but even some of my Mexican friends fear going down there and getting kidnapped by the drug cartels.   I will teach in Columbia but not Mexico this year.

I hope to save enough money to buy a few acres of land for a home base before I finally retire to RV living,
as much as I like my tiny truck camper,  I don't consider it a permanent home.   A larger camper could be a permahome for some,  but at 6' 3" and 300 pounds I would like a little more space.   Maybe a 22 ft travel trailer for living and the camper for camping.