Feb 16, 2009

Feb 16th 2009

Look closely. Note the two icicles sprouting from the windshield at a 45 degree angle? This happened after 3 hours of sunshine melting the ice off my window. Things like this are most fascinating.

Zero degrees at 8:00 A.M. Logan's friend "Eric" woke me by knocking at the door. Seems that Logan made plans for snowboarding today, which make it the third time this week Logan gets to snowboard! Damn he loves it up here in the cold cold North.

I ate a little breakfast, fed the dog, and went back to sleep until 2 P.M. . What a lazy bastard I have become. I tend to be a night person and if unfettered by artifical schedules such as working, I tend to stay up late deep into the night since it's the best time to think.

My son "Logan" came home around 5 o clock and was totally beat after 2 days snowboarding. I let him drink some cocoa, so he could get his core temperature back up, then sadly informed him of our dire need to do some laundry. Seems like going to the laundry mat is about the only quality time my 18 year old son and I get to spend together. This could explain why I don't buy a used washer and dryer which I could easily afford.

We drove a few blocks to the tiny, lonely, ancient looking laundry mat in the south side ghetto part of town, then loaded up a few machines with our way too nasty clothing. Poor Logan looked like I was forcing him to go to a funeral. I knew he was way to tired, but wearing the same clothes too many days in a row is a bad habit for the both of us. While the clothes were washing we ran to McDonald's for a "Big Mac" fix. I'm not a big eater of fast food, but the Big Mac sure does hit the spot every once and a while. Logan actually volunteered to pay for the check! The magic of McDonald's seemed to brighten up his spirits. He sure is growing up to be a fine young man. I'm very proud of my son.

When we got home Freddy was ecstatic since I gave him the rest of the ham and potato soup from Friday. It's nice to have a dog again, since I hate to throw out leftovers. Freddy and I spent the next two hours hanging out in the "Hell Bitch", just listening to the news and reading the Smithsonian my dad sent me. When in the camper, Freddy automatically calms down and seems to be at total ease. This could be due to the cave-like atmosphere that canines in the wild so much enjoy. Maybe that's why I feel the peacefulness in there also. Perhaps a 100,000 years ago, my ancestors used to huddle in caves with a warm fire and draw on the walls, safe from the pressure of everyday life, with a "Big Mac" of some form in their stomachs, and a can of brew in their hands, while their dog huddles near the fire, and all is right with the world.