Jul 9, 2009

July 9th 2009

I had two days of working on my old Volvo (I really dislike mechanical work). I sold the Volvo a month ago to my friend Hamin. Hamin is a very kind old Persian man who owns the sandwich shop near my school, and is my oldest friend here in Logan. I sold him the Volvo for $4000 but told him I would replace the heater coil for an additional $500. Lucky me... I tryed to persuade him to take it to the shop, since I am way to big to be crawling under neath the dashboard of a foreign car, but since I read the online instructions, I knew I could do it.

After spending 6 hours yesterday on my knees, squeezing my large body into mind boggleing contortions, and smashing my knees onto a gravel driveway, I managed to get the heater core loose, the antifreeze out of the coolant system, but was blocked by a large feckin' amplifier and bracket that was not in any of the internet pictures I looked at.

I woke up this morning kneesore and a bit disgusted, that I was nearly done with the operation, but failed to get the new heater core installed. I dreaded going out in the heat of the day to work on the car, so I had a couple beers at Logans job site, in order for the sun to go down a little. When I got home, Hamin shows up with this 19 year old kid who was supposed to be a decent mechanic. With this kid to assist me, we managed to get the amplifier out and the old heater core. Has was so proficient and had no problem fitting under the dashboard, I offered to split my mechanic fee 50 50 with him.

It only took 1 1/2 hours to get the Volvo back together. Hamin saved hundreds of dollars, the kid made $166 for his hour and a half labor, and I made $166 dollars for my 8 hours of labor, which is still pretty good money. The rest of the $500 goes toward the parts, which I'll get reembursed for. Thank god all that is over.