Jul 5, 2010

July 5th, 2010

Slept in after a late July 4th, wide awake and ready to take on the local pool. Nice to have one full week of vacation, Last year it was Waikiki, this year..."Green River", not too many differences really, both were a pain in the ass to get to. Both places, have a lovely sky and unfamiliar terrain to see. Both were agreeable in the weather department, with few blood sucking insects due to the winds. Both had unique cultures that were interesting to learn about. The main difference, was that I hadn't been able to swim here.... Yet! I found the Green River City Recreation center, and it has a very nice pool. Maybe not as nice as the hotel in Waikiki, where I could go from pool to jacuzzi, back to pool and so on. But I got to swim a half a mile, and get the swimming need out of my system. Of course the $4.50 fee was ridiculous enough to prevent me from going back any time soon. Judging from the 4 people in the pool, I think the rest of the town is avoiding it for the same reason.

I took my clothes to the majical laundromat, which will turn your grey old socks back to white, a phenomenon not seen by this laundromat user ever. Plus there were intelligent magazines to read, and cnn on the tele, so it was a pleasure to spend my three dollars, and the hour and a half of time there.

Hit McDonalds for a cup of coffee and a double cheese burger for brekkies, by then it was 2 PM.

The winds were gusting up to 37 miles per hour, so my attempts to leave town and go on a scouting mission, were literally blown back. From what I've read: The stock Concours windshield, and top heavyness, combined with a 7 gallon tank of fuel, makes her a scary ride in the high winds, and tough to manuever in parking lots for this reason as well. The turning radius rivals that of my F250, I drove back to the hotel and tried to find people selling their big cruiser bikes who would trade with me. Then I put the bike officially up for sell. I bet nobody wants it. Their competition bike, the Honda 11oo ST, is a much better choice. Other Concours owners will disagree, but I'll take the ST anyday, but they are never for sale for some reason. To be fair, since 2007, the Kawasaki Concours is a much larger and more substantial bike, its a 1400 cc, and probably will give the Honda a run for its money.

After putting the bike up for sale, I checked the wind prospects for the next couple days, and tomorrow I will escape and head down toward the "Flaming Gorge" lake, and I plan to go camping at a place in the high desert call the "Fire Hole", which is entirely in the high desert, yet I can jump in the water when things get too hot. After that, I don't know what to do, but I'm sure I will figure something out.

Tonite I'm trying to eat the rest of my hotel food, watching Anthony Bordains, Travel Channel show, read a bit, and turn in early, so I can break this camp.

Nite all.