Feb 2, 2009

Feb 2nd, 2009

My good friend "Chuck" from Texas got here today. He arrived in his truck sans camper. His camper is too big for the truck and he can cover more distance without it. Plus he likes to camp in tents on top of mountains at -20 below. Chuck loves the mountains more than anyone I know. We are leaving for "Red Lodge" Montana Wednesday. Thursday and Friday we will go snowboarding. I'm still learning how to snowboard so I'll get back to you on the subject of how a big 45 year old man, does at learning to snowboard.

Chuck, my son (the Elvis looking guy), and I went out to eat at Chili's, then returned to discuss important matters like: How well my 260 cm snowboard will haul my 280 pounds over the flats and stuff? Or will my old school bindings hold my ancient "Lost in Space" looking snow board boots? I paid $150 for my board, bindings, and boots, and it's all top quality, yet older than hell snowboarding equipment.

Freddy, Chuck, and myself then hung out in the Hell Bitch just to see how crowded the camper would be with two giant dudes and a 60 pound dog. Spent a couple hours catching up on things. Turns out the the camper is comfortable for all of us to sit around. Sleeping would be impossible.