Jul 10, 2010

July 9th, 2010

Got up and the Indian front desk lady reminded me to go to room "Tree Tert Teen" seems that the "th" is hard to pronounce if your not born using it. Room "Tree tert teen" is on the third floor and is a smoking room. When I made my deal for $45 per night with the owner, he had me agree to the condition that I would move to the smoky top of the motel on Friday, since non-smoking was booked. The smell of the room was bad until I turned the AC full up, and opened the window, then left the AC on for the rest of the day.

Found out that I could afford airline tickets after the wedding, so I booked the flight, then off to see my new rent house that I could enjoy on the first of August. Went to the house and noticed two open bibles in the main living room, that seemed poised that way some how. The new landlord was her usual neurotic self, I get the impression that she was nervous about me renting her house, while she was away getting her PHD. Earlier she mentioned one of her neighbors would be checking up on the "maintenence" but since I know his family, I really didn't mind him spying on me and reporting the house condition back to her. Today, she tells me her good friend "John" was going to be checking on me too. It is clear that this bundle of nerves doesn't trust me whatsoever. Unfortunately, I have already paid her a $980. deposit, signed a contract, and she keeps adding new conditions on me 2 months after signing the contract. She mentioned "wild parties" one to many times in a joking way, just like last time, which makes me think, She thinks I will have "wild parties" in her house. I can't deal with neurotic people with vivid imaginations, so I tried to placate, by telling her "I have no friends here", so I will be quite alone as usual. ( of course I can go to the pool hall and invite a few dozen drunks, if I ever want to become a "self fulfilling" prophecy). I left, and stewed over all this crap all afternoon. So I wrote her a letter explaining how I felt, trying to put it as delicately as possible. I did mention "that I wasn't a Sub Human and I don't need people watching me". I went on to close with "Please just refund my deposit, and find someone else to live here. I don't want to live in a house where I am not trusted.

Sincerely yours,

Allen Barnes"

People that believe that all the worlds animals actually fit on an Ark, tend to be suspicious of those that see the Ark story as parable, and didn't Christ teach in "parables". I seriously doubt that Christ would want to hang around with some of these non-Christian like people.

So now I'm waiting for her reply, I'm sure she read the letter since she checks her e-mail as often as myself, but she is probably shocked and trying to strategize, in order to get all her ducks back in a row.

After I met with her (before I wrote the letter), I high tailed it to the hot dog stand for lunch, and had a nice Chicago dog, some chips, and a coke for 4.50. Then since the day was getting hot, I went to the "Sports Academy" in order to swim some laps, and to cool off in general.
The pool was nearly empty, wonder where all the annoying kids were? Didn't miss them one bit, nice to be able to swim laps without the little intruders, nearly getting mowed down by a big fat guy with foggy googles.

After only 8 laps (shouldnt swim after one eats a spicy hotdog), I opted for the recliner that
had no neighbors, where I could get my body to be a similar shade to my arms and face.
I awoke 20 minutes later with a nice looking blonde woman two feet away working on a tan of her own. I got up and smiled in appreciation of her courage to take the chair next to the three hundred pound tattooed guy, but had to leave before the sun burnt me any further.

Went to the bookstore to buy a copy of the "Upanshads", which is the oldest Hindu book in the world, and the oldest book by any of the main religions of the world. Its writers are many and all are anomonous, as not to cheapen the work buy allowing "ego" to creep in. Much of this book is old familiar Buddhist thought, since Buddhism sprung from Hinduism 2500 years ago.

Bought some goldfish for my Lionfish, who seems to be hungry most of the time. Amazing how many fish this beast can eat in a week.

Came home and ate an MRE of Pav Bhaji, which is a type of potato based Indian food, but I had no pot to boil the MRE bag in. I didn't have a microwave proof bowl either, so I cleverly poured the stew into the coffee pot, and let the pot warm the meal up for about an hour and a first class Indian meal was created. I drank it from a coffee cup. This put me in the mood to get through a few of the Upanshads, amazed that most of this was written 6000 years ago. The authors were not stupid. The picture above is the main Hindu God "Vishnu", and many of his incarnations over time. The Hindus seem to paint pictures depicting different time periods at once.

this Author is quite tired so off to bed...