Mar 19, 2011

March 19th, 2011

Very busy week,  went on a field trip on Tuesday to Springville, Utah;  to view the Utah State High School Art show,   afterwards we got some lunch and went up to Ogden, for the Weber State High School Art show.   I had students in both of these exhibitions.   The three hundred mile round trip was long but fun,   dropped early that night only to wake at 6:00 A.M to do it again.

Today, I managed to get on the bicycle and sprint into town, to check my mail and pick up some provisions.   Had an excellent Japanese lunch at "Happy Sushi",    I had the "Lunch Box",  which consisted of grilled Salmon, tempura fried vegetables, 4 cali rolls,  salad,  and miso-soup.   A three course meal for less than 10 bucks.   I love this little place and the owners;  the decor makes  you feel like you're in another country, which is where I long to be.

Drove another 3 miles to Walgreens,  and headed back home.   Unfortunately I didn't wear enough layers,  and the cold wet incoming storm caused me to stop at the transit center,  and take the bus the last 3 miles to my place.  Hell,  6 miles is a pretty good ride if your pushing it hard enough and hitting hills.   I found that if I don't work out at least three times a week my circulation and mood suffers.   I'm a fitness addict for the rest of my life;  although I should work out more.

Its nice that Logan City has a nice transit system,  I do think they should charge a dollar per ride or something,   but the convenience of hopping on a bus instead of driving is always a nice option.  The bike carriers on the front of the bus are nice as well.

Came back to my place to write, compute,  and practice the Saxophone  (See the blog last fall,  bragging about my "1938 King Zephyr" Sax).  I asked my neighbor to pound on the ceiling if I get too loud,  she says she enjoys hearing me practice,  but I have no idea why?    Let's just say I have much practice to do before performing publicly LOL!