Feb 21, 2009

Feb 21 2009

Not much going on today. Took Freddy on some errands, even went to the gym, to swim laps for an hour or so. Usually my swimming is a 500 yard sprint which takes about 15 minutes, but I went for a tan after swimming today, leaving Freddy in the truck for a long time. This was a first experience at tanning and I loved it. I love going to the sports academy, but since the pool lanes are clogged with swim teams during the week, I will probably give up my membership and start swimming at the University.

I felt bad about leaving Freddy in the truck for so long today, but he doesn't seem to mind being left in the truck during cold weather. Maybe he feels like it's his cave or something. He looks happy when I get back to the truck. Dogs like to drive around and see more sites than their backyards.

Afterwards, I bought some groceries, including trout and leeks. I found a great trout recipe for dinner, tomorrow I'm going to cook up a Leek and Aspharagus soup!
Today I made a recipe called "Trout, Asian style", which was a great way to cook the fish. Just pour some soy sauce on the fish, then take white pepper, garlic powder, ginger, lemon pepper, cayenne pepper and rub it all over the fish. Let sit for 10 minutes while the skillet heats up to medium high (spray with oil first). Let the fish cook on each side for a few minutes, then eat it. Simple.

Spent the rest of the night playing the Myspace game called "Mobsters" with Logan. Funny how some of these people take this game too seriously. We usually play mobsters once a months, so our characters save enough money to put our enemies on the hitlist mega times. And our virtual enemies get quite angry. Hahahaha!