Mar 18, 2009

March 12th - 17th

After three days of lack of sleep, accompanied by copious amounts of coffee, I became a zombie. I not only couldn't get much sleep I had a massive headache that lasted 5 days. I also ran out of blood pressure medication.

I took Monday the 16th off, got some more blood pressure medication, went swimming, avoided all forms of caffeine, and caught up on some well needed sleep. Tuesday, was much much better and the headache started to go away. It sucks being in tune with the rising and setting of the sun. It does come in handy, because I can usually tell what time it is without using a watch.

Tuesday the 17th, I withdrew half of my gold and silver savings from my deposit box and bought a 1999 Honda XR600r, which is a very well made dirt bike, which I will use as a shuttle vehicle for the Hell Bitch (truck and camper), for my journies this summer. This bike won the Baja 1000 many times, and can climb straight up a wall. Now I need a platform hitch so I can attach the bike to Hell Bitch, when Freddy and I go camping. Hopefully Freddy will be good in the camper when I go riding. I can't leave him chained outside because our local mountain range is full of mountain lions, and Freddy could become their lunch!