Jan 26, 2009

Jan 26th 2009

Monday, Monday....

Students finishing off reports, lots of grading done. Taught 4 students how to play chess!! They seem to be hooked on the game now.

Freddie the wonder dog and I took the Hell Bitch out for a spin in a snow storm. Some Utah citizens need to have their license revolked. We played "dodge the idiot" while going to the indian convenience store, by the college, up the hill; in order to buy some MRE "meals ready to eat".

We bought the Alu Mutter, which is an excellent blend of peas, potatoes, and tomatos in a fire'y Indian sauce. Goes well with rice, or eat it by scoooping it up with a toasted tortilla over the skillet.

At one point we had to slam on the brakes of this 7000 pound beast and the dog found out where the windshield was. We went home in order to avoid the Logan rush hour.

After that Freddy and I hung out in the camper for a couple hours, listening to the oldies on my ETON AM/FM Shortwave radio. The radio is about 11" x 8" and thick enough to produce a decent sound. Much better sounding than my smaller Am/Fm Shortwave set. "Eton" builds the German "Grundig" radios. This radio will be my only contact with the outside world when staying up in the mountains or deserts. I still plan to blog each day, but I might not always be able to post everyday.

Low tech living is my choice. The K.I.S.S. principal is the way I chose to go as far as technology goes. Of course, I will have a wifi antenna, and a gps on the laptop. Probably will go with a small 50 watt solar panel, to keep the computer in power. All inside lights are battery powered, and we won't be using a frig or much else electric.

I really like the simplicity of Indian MRE's for dinner. They have a long shelf life, store in a small space, require no refrigeration, costs about $2.00 per meal (minus rice or tortilla costs), and are vegetarian, which probably can't hurt me too much. All you do is boil the bag in water for a few minutes and serve.

I will probably eat some fish and buy a steak on occasion. For breakfast I'll focus on oatmeal, pancakes, eggs, beans, and picante sauce. Lunch will consist of GORP, PBJ or Ramen.

These are all basic plans and ideas that I have researched well, and practice quite often. Soon I'll start spending the weekends in the local mountains for practice. I hope some of you will come along on my trips.