Jul 2, 2010

July 2nd, 2010

This is in neighboring "Carbon County", 180 acres for 39,000 dollars. I will retire around here and spend the rest of my days watching the sky. Nothing like the skies up here in Wyoming or neighboring Montana. These vast untouched desolate areas remind me of being far out into the ocean, with nothing but your imagination to keep your attention. Times like this, a passing insect, a thought, a book, an AM radio, will quickly become your best friend. I am no stranger to these places. I like them, as long as I can be back in town in less than an hour.

Today, I explored most of the city, driving my bike around in search for the hidden laundromat. Really took a couple hours, and that was after I asked the Hotel manager. I like these Indian (from India) motel owners. This one is putting three kids through college from the proceeds of his hotel. Nice to donate my $35 per night to a decent cause.

While I was out on my laundry mat search, I was also trying to locate the elusive grocery store.
It too was hidden in another backwater of town, far away from the main roads and shopping centers. I bought some hot dog making supplies, while the clothes were drying. I plan to save on some restaurant bills. Even bought coffee and danishes for breakfast. Dyamn this Wyoming wind was blowing the bike all over the place. If I go through here again, I'm trading this in for a big heavy cruising bike. My CB 900 custom, would do much better in these winds, due to heavier weight, and low center of gravity. To hold this bike on the road in windy conditions, takes all my concentration. We had gusts up to 45 today. Winds are supposed to let up around Sunday, then I'll get back on the road.

Sat on the bench in front of the room reading an interesting book "The life of Pi" instead of going to the bars. Only went to a bar on my first night here, didn't enjoy it all that much. I think I have grown out of the bar scene. Live music, might be another story, but these bars are places for long time friends to congregate. As far as I know, I have no long time friends around here.

"Pi" in the book is a kid from India, who is a Hindu, but became a Christian and a Muslim, whos father is a zoo keeper at the Pondicherry Zoo. Book does give some keen insight on the Hindu religion, which makes more sense to me than the Western Religions. The Hindus long ago figured out that the planet is over 6 billion years old. They also knew that it was only one of billions of planets. The late Astronomer Carl Sagan, a devout atheist, devoted one of his hour long "Cosmos" series to the intelligence of the ancient Hindu beliefs.

Spent most of the evening with the book, and a small bottle of Jim Beam, so here I am after midnight writing all this. Very non eventful day, but quite nice all the same.