Feb 19, 2009

Feb 19 2009

My classroom is right next to a mountain stream. The stream is beautiful but I have to walk past a gang of ducks every day. It sure beats the scenery of the last place I worked. I'll take a gang of ducks over a street gang any day.

Busy day at school. After school I hung out with Logan for a while then, hung out in the camper and found this awesome "oldies" station! I've discovered this station months ago and I love the plethora of music they have to offer. They played things as diverse as Louis Armstrong, Joanney Mitchell, Dean Martin, Engelbert Humperdinck, and many other fantastic songs, many that I have never heard before.

Of course; I had to bring Freddie, my evergrowing, well mannered and polite dog. This dog is so polite and correct I'd swear he was a large poodle. Freddy constantly watches me and tunes himself to my moods. He always seems to be aware of how close or far to keep his proximity, whenever the mood or circumstance, Yet Freddie seems to be always nearby. When I got him Freddy weighed about 45 pounds but he keeps GROWING!! Freddy takes up the entire floor of the camper now it seems. He weighs around 70 pounds now and shows no sign of getting any smaller. But he is fairly graceful and stays out of ones face for the most part. Freddy is quite the large gentleman. His head is approximatly the size of a bowling ball and about the same weight. If he gets much larger I'll have to pull a trailer just to hold him. I feed him the high dollar fare, with ample leftovers and many treats. He is from Auzzie Shepherd and Rottweiler blood lines. Both are large dogs.

After the heated died for lack of propane, we both left and went back into the house. The weather is wet and colder than usual.

I hope all you loyal readers to have an excellent night.