Jul 20, 2010

July 20th, 2010

Last night I started to turn in early, when a knock at the door in my outside hotel room surprised me at 10:30.   It was my excellent son Logan who wanted to hang around a few hours before I left in the morning.   Too bad my morning was to start at 6:am.   So we sat on the balcony and drank more than a few beers,  and actually had our first real time since, he moved out back in March.   We both had a good time just talking and being real.
Went to bed around 2 AM,  and took every precaution to insure I would wake up a scant 4 hours later.   I set my phone alarm,  called the desk for a wakeup call,   tryed to set the hotel rooms alarm clock,   even set an online alarm clock so the computer would wake me.      Out of all this,   my cell phone,  and the front desk were the only precautions that woke me this morning.   This computer doesn't stay on the online wakeup notice,   so that one failed.   I couldnt figure out how to set a modern cheap alarm clock that the hotel provided for me.   But I did wake up!
Hit the excellent breakfast in the morning and they had meat!!!!  The first complimentary breakfast,  I've witnessed where one could dine on sausage, waffles, and all kinds of continental fare.   I ate like a horse,  and walked the three blocks to the shuttle pick-up sight,  so I could get to the airport,  by 10:30.    The driver allowed me to ride shotgun in his Mercedes van, which was a nice ride for a shuttle service.    I went in and out of consciousness for the long 80 mile drive to the Salt Lake City airport,  still tired from the food and the lack of sleep.
I got to the airport,  and neglected to remove a couple small swiss army penknives from my ruck sack,  and even forgot about an 18 inch sharp wire saw, which could remove a human head in a matter of seconds.   That combined with the Russian Passport cover I use,  caused the powers of homeland security,  to frisk and feel me up for 30 minutes, while asking personal questions,  and searching carefully through my entire rucksack.    I pointed out that the underwear in the rucksack might not  be clean, but they laughed and continued doing an all to thorough job, including feeling up my privates,  and butt crack,  but they did wear gloves, so it wasn't humiliating for me at all.  Then they mailed my weapons collection to my post office box back in Logan,  and I was on my way.  Nice to feel important,  like I was a national security threat or something.    Dumb-asses,   prolly let a thousand Arabs pass me without searching any of them.  I'm sorry,  I see nothing wrong with racial profiling as long as its fast, professional, non-demeaning,   then figuring out a record system so that it doesn't happen more the once.
Barely made  the flight from SLC to Denver.

I must add that "Frontier" Airlines,  actually has room for big and tall people to sit.  Unlike Delta, and American Airlines,   seating is not excruciatingly painful or uncomfortable for the person next to me!    I hear "continental" is also humane to big fat folks and their neighbors.

My excellent Brother in Law,  was most kind,  and picked me up from the airport.   He also took me out to dinner three nights in a row.  My Brother in Law and Sister "Robin" are incredible hosts.    I am very happy to be related to them.   They have 5 excellent kids as well,
since they are wonderful parents.  Trust me:   I am a good judge of what makes an "Excellent" kid.  Of course my parents were most kind also.   They have bent over backwards in order to 
make my stay comfortable.   I am allergic to their two cats,  but they created a "cat free" room for me to sleep in.  This wasn't easy I imagine.    Don't like to comment about my family life on a public forum too much.   But it sure is nice to be living among family after two years of virtual solitude.

JULY 21st and 22nd:   Nothing much to report,   nice to be at home.   Met up with my friend "Dan",   and hung around for a couple hours.  Then went back out to eat with my brother in law and parents,  and had some large Margaritas,   which got us all F' d   up to some extent.  Tried to watch some movie about the last days of "Tolstoy",   dad and I were out like lights,  but Mom watched the entire tear jerker.   The music put me out pretty fast. Looked like a decent movie, but...  it was sad.

Forgot to mention that I am bound for Austin next week in order to see my daughters,  and pick up a bunch of my old Art work,  which is too large to mail.    My younger daughter and son-in law,  are  going to be teachers!      Living in the City of Austin and starting their careers as educators makes this dad quite proud!   I can't wait to see them.