Jun 22, 2009

June 22nd 2009

Much better day than Sunday. My oldest daughter did call in the morning. I went to school on Monday and seven of my students showed up to make jewelry! I have to come in for aquarium maintanence any way so I hang around for a couple hours and let students use the facility, after all the place really belongs to them. Funny how some of them were asking how my summer was going, I told them that we've really only been out for 2 weeks, and that summer is going well.

I also recieved my SMP3 player!!! So I spent most of my school time making a play list and downloading it. As soon as I got home I ate an orange for energy and headed to the pool. After laying in the sun like an alligator for 30 minutes, I finally got a lane and swam for twice as long as I normally do. Wound up swimming 15 laps instead of 10 which is .42 of a mile! I'll be working out 1/2 mile soon instead of the privious 500 yards which was slightly over a 1/4 mile.
I lost 8 pounds since last monday, and should be shedding more since I'm on a low carb version of the Mediterranean diet. It was so fun to swim with music rocking through your head, I never got bored or tired, but my ligaments told me I was risking pulling one or more of them.

Tonight my friend "Hamin" is stopping by to purchase the Volvo. I hope he doesn't try to negotiate too much on the price, because I need the money for my future truck fund, and my income tax debt.

I just made a well-deserved Martini, and am planning on finishing it, and doing some last minute touches on the Volvo, like charging the AC system...

June 21st 2009


No calls, no cards, nothing....