Jul 7, 2009

July 7th 2009

Not much to report. I've blown off the original idea of this blog, "to live in a truck camper", after having spent many hours in the "camper". It's a great place to hang out in the winter, when tired of being in the house, but I have not camped in there this summer at all....yet.
I do plan to retire in an RV at some point in my life, but living in a truck camper would be tough to do full time. I could do it if necessary, but it would surely be a suckfull existance.

I did buy Logan and I some backpacks, a camp stove, a tent, and he is wanting to camp as soon as his work lets up a little. Logan is still doing well at his job, his boss and coworkers have nothing but good things to say about him. I have nothing but good things to say about him as well. We will camp, when the time comes. I will probably be camping in another state very soon.

I have been quite the swimmer since I got the underwater MP3 player, I swam a mile (35 laps) last week, and apparently overdid it. I felt sharp pains in my clavical bones, and in my right rotater cuff. No big deal, I waited three days and held it down to 750 yards (15 laps), then did a follow up swim of 15 laps, three days later (today), with no pain whatsoever. I plan to do another mile tomorrow, if all goes well. Damn, my upper body is getting WIDE and I can only pinch 2 inches of flab at my midsection. I love the water and swimming so much, I love fish, the ocean, sailing, and body surfing . So I made a decision....

Booked a 14 day trip to the Hawaiian Islands, and plan to surf, swim, snorkel, and lay around the beach. I have studied the islands extensively, and know many different things to do while there. I'll probably start writing on a daily basis, once I get there (9 more days!). I plan to see the Pearl Harbor memorial, visit some Buddhist temples, eat at the noodle shops in China Town, go snorkeling in Hamanuma Bay, as well as in Wikiki. My hotel also has a very nice pool, where I can swim as much as I wish. The pool is big enough to get a workout, but the beach is only a couple blocks away.
I really want to fly over to the big Island, and take the tour to the top of Mount Mauna Kea (13000 feet!), but I will have to evaluate finances when I get to that point. There seems to be so much to experience on Oahu, but a cheap 47 dollar flight, will get me to any of the other islands. I invited my son and older daughter to join me, but both have to work and can't seem to get the time off. My younger daughter is finishing up her bachelors degree and will graduate this August!!!! You go ATHENA!

July 4th was pretty cool, I bought some fireworks for the children next door, and hung around with their mama while they had a blast catching things on fire. Their mama and I had fun drinking wine and discussing things. She's a pretty sharp lady and a good neighbor, but my appreciation stops there.... believe me!

Logan and two of my friends bought some little kids junk bicycles, and took over my garage with plans to customize them. I loaned them my tools, and wished them my best. I do hope they learn a bit about bike mechanics while they have fun with their experment.

Made a new recipe yesterday: Slawdogs!

I was researching slaw recipes, and found the KFC recipe to be a good one, but after adding mustard and Tabasco sauce, and reading about how some people actually put slaw on hotdogs instead of saurkraut, I decided to make SLAW DOGS!
I would have preferred potato salad, or baked beans, but slaw is way more healthy.

Take a bag of shredded cabbage/carrot slaw mix (I would do the shredding but lack the equipment). Add 1/2 cup Mayo, 4 tablespoons white vinegar (I used rice vinegar), 1/3 cup unrefined sugar (honey would be better), 1/4 tsp black pepper, 1/2 tsp salt, 2 tablespoons mustard, some tabasco sauce, and whatever else you happen to like in your slaw. (KFC's recipe calls for buttermilk and lemon juice).

*AGAIN: Just taste it. If its to sweet, add some vinegar or lemon. To sour, add some sugar or something. But always taste your cooking often, but don't put that nasty spoon you licked, back in the mix, or my mom will kick your ass!

Let this marinate in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours, hopefully overnight.

Then boil or grill some good all-beef hotdogs. I like to grill stuff, but the boiled dogs seem to taste a little better, boiling tends to leach out all the nitrites and salt. Plus, hotdogs were invented with boiling in mind. I love to spend my time grilling, as a past time, but hotdogs, are much better if you just boil the damned things... Boil the hell out of them for 10 minutes and they'll be just great!

* After trying all the best hotdogs, I vote the Oscar Meyer all beef hotdogs, to be better than Ball Park Franks, and even better than Nathans. (Nathans cost the most, but have no skin (kosher laws), and far too salty. Oscar Meyer is the best value of the three ALL BEEF franks. Don't buy the cheap turkey/chicken/pork mixed crap! Beef Dogs are about 3.50 for a pack of 8 why buy the bottom of the barrel dogs, which are packed with cereal, turkey beaks, chicken asses, and pig snouts????

Buy whatever bun you like, stick the dog in it, and dump 1/4 pound of your slaw onto the dog.
and enjoy. This is one heck of a good meal, with plenty of healthy green veggies, and minimal carbs. I plan to experment with non mayo, vinegar only, slaws this next week. They will be even healthier slaw recipes for you and me. Substituting slaw for potato salad or fries, seems to make sense to me or anyone on a diet regimen. Next time I'll replace the sugar with Splenda.

Thats all for now! Al