Apr 7, 2010

April 7th, 2010

Damn this cold assed weather during "Spring Break". Since "Spring" involves two 8 inch snow storms, within 6 days, the ground is trying to melt enough to where the cold air makes this place a swamp. Up in these climes, the sun goes down pretty quick, so its only warm (50's) for a few hours, then the temp plummets even before dark. Hate to bitch but its been snowy and cold since late October; Why the fuck would anyone want to live here for climatic reasons. As endearing that I find the "Winter Wonderland", and I do complain less than the locals, but the fact remains: Eight cold assed months per year just chaps my ass. And Yes! I said 8 months, meaning October thru May (and June isn't all that warm). Better have some warm clothes in those months or your screwed.
Today we got up to 40 degrees, of course it was below freezing most of the day, but the sun came out and burnt off much of the snow. I managed to sit in my sunny back yard for one hour and can attest that it was pretty nice out for 30 minutes today, while the rest of the day was cold as hell.

I was dreaming of the tropics, and went to the local Mexican grocery, and bought some ingredients to make "Ceviche", which is a very tropical sort of fruit and veggie salad, centered around fish. True Ceviche calls for one to marinate the chunks of fish in lime and lemon juice for an hour or so. This actually cooks the fish. The flesh turns "cooked" in that time from the chemical reaction with the acidic juice alone. They say, that some of the bacteria, on the dead fish
dies during the "cooking process". I washed the heck of of the fish before making the dish.

Salmon, Tilapia, y Camaron Ceviche' con Requeson....

1 pound of Salmon and Tilapia fillets plus 1/4 lb small shrimp.

(I prefer the cheap vac-sealed Walmart fillets frozen from China. Although the Tilapia does grow in rice paddies fertilized by human dung, I swear that i neither smelled nor tasted it while eating the uncooked fish!)

One finely chopped big Jalapeno.

5 large cloves of finely chopped Garlic.

2 smallish tomatoes of the "on the vine" variety.

1/3 chopped cucumber.

2 oz of finely chopped cilantro.... make sure its fresh and all that.

one good sized rotten avocado.

One orange chopped well.

4 limes, plus reconstituted lemon and lime juice, you might need it.


Tabasco sauce

Corn tortillas

Requeson cheese (heavenly stuff, I think it either comes from goats or indian maidens, not too sure of its origin).

Sour creme

I didnt use any onions due to my roommate, but some onion should be required.


Rinse the heck out of your fish.

Blot fish dry then blot some more. Cut the fish into 1 quarter inch squares. Dry again. Mix salmon, shrimp, and tilapia, in a a bath of lime juice, I squeezed the inital lime juice bath then added the reconstitued stuff, once that was soaked up. The fish looked pretty cooked after bathing in the first lime juice.

Add a copius amount of Mrs. Dash seasoning, to the fish and mix with your clean hand. Cover and let cook the the fridge for an hour mixing once at least.

Chop your veggies, drain marinade from fish, add honey and tabasco, then mix the veggies into the fish and take your time stirring, keep it all cold.

Heat up a corn tortilla on the greasy skillet.

Toss a little "requeson" cheese on the tortilla, then put some of the ceviche on it, put a wad of sour cream on the cervice. Eat with reckless abandon.