Mar 4, 2010

MARCH, 4TH, 2010

My God, where does the time go? Had a lot of personal crap the past three months, involving my kids and stuff. January and February will not be discussed. March is here and the snow is melting quite early this year. I got the house cleaned up nicely, and my son moved into a flop house with a few of his co-workers. Kind of nice being alone for the first time since age 23, I think I can dig this!

Turns out one of my students parents has an excellent motorcycle shop in his garage, complete with bike lifts, and all the best tools. He charged me a mere 45 bucks per hours to get my pristine Honda CB900 Custom in perfect working order. I paid about $2000 total for a beautiful, well kept 30 year old bike that runs and looks almost new. I get far more compliments on this ride than I did with my brand new 2007 Suzuki v-strom, which I enjoyed as well.

The Honda, growls like an angry cat as it quickly strips away through the power band, and the gears fall into place. Its long touring design, includes a drive shaft and air suspension, makes it feel more like a an old Fleetwood pimp machine, which slithers around the corners and takes off with a long push before the final blast off! Its ancient two-toned colors and near perfect chrome gleam like the dreams of millions of Japanese, rebuilding their society after the chaos of the second world war. Funny, my bike was made only 35 years after WW2, and is more solid and reliable than the junk they are sending on the road today.