Mar 4, 2009

March 4th 2009

Drove the bike to work in a short sleeve shirt today. Man it's getting to be quite the sweat box around here. 45 degrees this morning and the afternoon should be around 55..... Then the shit will hit the fan! We are slated to have three back to back snowstorms, first one hitting tonight. Shouldn't get too cold though with afternoons in the mid 30's.

Went to the Wednesday morning pointless department meeting, it was nice and short. Then I loaded up 5 molds to bake in the old back up kiln and now have to manually adjust the temperature every hour till we reach casting temperature (1350 degrees). The smell of a baking jewelry mold with wax evaporating permeates my classroom as we speak. My broken brand new, state of the art kiln was much nicer. Just set it in the afternoon and it bakes all night on its own, while ramping up the temperature by itself. The ceramics teacher helped me diagnose the problem the good kiln was having, turns out that it is a two dollar on/off toggle switch, which I can replace easily. Next firing will be much nicer.

Gawd this day keeps getting better. The kids were all in positive moods and nearly all of them had jokes up their sleeves. One of my most talented kids couldn't help singing obnoxious songs, which he thought up as he sang them. This particular student seems to do well at everything he does, without being conceited about it. He can draw, write, sing, do math, is athletic as hell, and seems to love everyone. He is funny as anything and all the other students find him most entertaining. I'll just call him Leonardo De Vinci, as he is the most multi-talented kid I've had the good fortune to meet. People like Leonardo, help cut through the daily bullshit, and just seem to infect everyone to enjoy life. I just hope he never realizes his genious and becomes an asshole or something.

After work I went home and cleaned Freddy up to go on a small road trip to the gym. Swimming 500 yards isn't much, but it makes my day and night a happy one. After swimming, and tanning, I made macaroni and tuna for dinner. This is one of the simplest high protein meals one can possibly make. No recipe really, just make your mac and cheese and add tuna, black pepper, a bit of lemon pepper eliminates the tuna funk, and I put in a liberal dose of cayenne pepper, just to piss off Logan!

All the while my perfect dog lays on his kitchen rug and watches every move I make, until he gets to clean out the bowl. Freddy seems to understand English quite well, and is becoming my best friend. He has stopped the bad behavior and follows me closely everywhere I go. It is nice to have his adoration, and I return it by giving him the best life I can possibly offer.

Later we hung out in the camper. He loves to lay down by the heater. Tonight there was a gentle rain landing on the roof of the camper as I listened to the National Public Radio broadcast and had a couple glasses of cheap French wine. The radio stops every hour (battery saving device) and I just listened to the rain, watched the rain drops cutting through the fog on the windows while different colors of car lights entered and left each window at random, and my mind started drifting toward old poems I had written. Here's one:

My love crys out to you.

Across the broad expanse of Western skys it screams!
Borne in the ocean tide and stuck to your rubber soles.

It glistens in the moonlight before it scatters.
On a long and boring day it always returns.

But tonight my love is neverending,

it sings thru the wires and flashing lights
while it calls out to you across the waves
as it flows hither and thither and smashes into you
crashing out good fortune as it thunders out joy and freedom.

The gentle rains continue to fall.
And all is right with the world.