Jan 27, 2009

Jan 27th 2009

7:00 AM: Feckin' 2 degrees below zero. Had to put "Freddy" outside while I go to work, I hope he uses the dog house! "Freddy" gets too anxious if I leave him inside alone, and tends to chew up stuff. So I have to put him outside for a couple hours. Drove the Hell Bitch three blocks to school, so I could run home and check on Freddie during my off hour.

9:30 AM: 0 degrees. Hell Bitch's door lock was frozen shut, so I had to walk home to check on Freddy. Freddy is now enjoying the warmth of the house until I have to send him back outside again. He doesn't seem bothered by being outside this morning. It is supposed to warm up to 15 degrees this afternoon!

11:40: Lunch Time! Wow, it is 4 degrees now! I can't make it home to Freddy until 1:00. At least the sun is shining.
Ok, Made it home at 2:30 PM . Freddy is doing fine as usual. Logan and I took a siesta for a couple hours then took the "Hell Bitch" to the laundrymat to do some laundry. One advantage of having a truck camper is that while doing laundry you have a place to hang out. Although it is very cold outside, the camper stays quite warm thanks to the excellent insulation and catalytic heater. As much as I love the laundrymat crowd, I'd rather sit in the camper and surf the internet with the radio on.
After dinner, Freddy and I hung out in the camper and talked to my friend "Chuck" , who is currently stuck in El Paso, but is heading up here to do some snowboarding with Logan and I.
Freddy and I like to hang in the cave-like camper.
Oh Yeah.... Anyone up in freezing weather, while locked out of their vehicle due to the cold, should spray some WD40, thru the little straw, for a few seconds to de-ice the works. Thanks to my compadre "Lee Burningham", I managed to get the Hell Bitch home.....