Jan 31, 2009

Jan 31st 2009

Today I took Freddy up to the base of the Wasatch Mountains. Freddy was in heaven out there. He loved being in the mountains so much, that he forgot how to come when I call him. He also started barking at a cross country skiier, so we had to go back to town.

I had an overabundance of ham. It's quite economical to buy after Christmas. We bought a 12 pounder a couple weeks ago for 1.5o a pound. Two nite's ago I baked the big sonofabitch, and we have been making ham and baked bean tacos with it. Last night I bagged and froze much of it, including the ham bone. This left us 4 pounds of sliced ham sandwich cut meat, and I used 2 of the pounds for a soup that I made tonight.

After an Internet quiry I decided on an excellent "Ham and Chickpea" soup that turned out to be quite heavenly. The connection between the pasta, onions, ham, garbanzo beans, and red pepper, were quite incredible. The Italian soup was most winning, possibly the best tasting soup I've ever made. http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/Ham--n--Chickpea-Soup is the recipe I used, but changed a bit of it.

I Bought Freddy a new collar. His old collar is buried in the backyard waiting for the spring. I also bought Freddy a frisbee, which he is too lazy to chase. Freddy is getting a little chubby.
In the evening, Freddy joined me for another chill session in the back of the Hell Bitch.

We enjoyed an excellent Blue Grass session on PBS, and continued on to some Celtic music that was well done. After spending several hours a night in the camper nearly every day for a month, I have no complaints about the space in the camper. We will have no problems living in the Hell Bitch in regards to space.