Apr 6, 2011

April 5th, 2011


I simply love this windy state.   The mountains,  hills, plains, all conspire to amaze me everytime I come here.   The best thing about Wyoming is the people who live here.   They are pretty much straight forward and real.   I'm sick of people with artificial veils,  who have hidden agendas,   who have no real idea who they really are...  Most people I meet in Wyoming are the real deal.  Ask them how their day is and the answer you get is sure to be honest.  They seem to expect the same in strangers,  and are very welcoming to the strangers who they percieve to be like themselves.   "How are you doing?"  I asked someone today... "Shitty day but things could be worse" she said..  We both had a good laugh about it and the day was brighter.   The weather here seems to be windy and abyssmal for the most part, but with frequent hour-long breaks of windless sunshine.,    I just wear a windbreaker and lean forward as I walk.  Haven't been knocked down yet in the three weeks I've spent here in the past year,  but I'm sure it will happen.   Currently I am visiting my friends "Melissa and Chuck", up in Buffalo, which is located in the North Eastern part of the state,  close to the Dakotas and Montana.   My son "Logan", moved here in early January, I plan to move here on June 1st.   I learned alot from living in Utah,  but I need some new stomping grounds.  The Orient will be next!   The west is still calling me and China will probably be where I spend the golden years.

Yesterday, Chuck took me on a tour deep into the lovely "Bighorn" mountains,  which are a bit taller than the "Wasatch" range that I am used to.   We stopped at the pass at 9600 feet for a photo shoot, but the winds and clouds prevented much success in that arena.   I was also dressed in shorts and a bowling shirt,  which made the restroom break a study in fortitude as the below zero chill factor worked it's way deeply into all parts of my exterior being!     This last photo was taken as we approached the Big Horn range,  but the huge peaks were obscured by the clouds.   Tomorrow we are going out again and taking the snow mobile,  and we plan to take Logan with us as a token snow boarder!