Apr 14, 2012

Another night in China

I've been living in China since early August.   I have been unable to access my blogspot but I have extensively blogged at this site: http://www.travelpod.com/dashboard/entry/1/1306011319    Many entries to read and many hundreds of China pics if you care to check it.

I finally found a way to escape the daily grind of American life which I lived for 30 years.   After working like a dog and enduring stress related medical problems I decided to become an Oral English teacher in a Chinese University.    I work three part time days per week and get a free place to live with bills taken care of.  My pay is 800 dollars per month which allows me to save a couple hundred.   Holidays are paid.   Life is great.   I miss the states but the expectations and work kept rising every year (from the standpoint of a public school teacher)   and I took a year off in order to learn more about China.

   Working in China is a better deal for me so I believe I will stay here for a while.     I still plan to retire in my truck camper but I will put this off for another 15 years hoping that I will receive some sort of pension.

Please go to www.travelpod.com  and search "albarnes" to see my current blog if you care to keep in touch.    I plan to continue my blog here in the near future.   But for now just go over to Travel Pad to check it.


Al Barnes

Mar 15, 2012


I found a way to access Google.   Yes I'm still in China and loving it here.   I'll try to ad a long story here real soon