Jan 30, 2009

Jan 30 2009

I should have put this photo of Mom up yesterday but I got stuck on the "Freddy" story. So here it is! Can you believe she is in her 70's?

Had another MRE for dinner "Kadhi Pakora" or vegetable fritters in a yogurt sauce, from Southern India. Served with a few lightly toasted corn tortillas. Is was one of the strangest things I've ever tasted. Spicy enough to make you dream of sacred cows and elephants! I'm down to the last of the huge MRE assortment I bought several months ago. I've already eaten all the normal things like Chana Dahl and Alu Mutter. Now I have to try the stranger fare like "Paneer Chili" which is a spice indian cheese curd dish. I'll give you a full review once I get the courage to eat it.

Spent the evening hanging out with Freddy in the Hell Bitch. Many strange cars parked on my street due to a basketball game. I could hear people walking by and some of their conversations. None of them had a clue that me and Freddy were living in the camper as they were walking by. This is a test in "Stealth Camping". Stealth Camping is when you are stuck in a city and need a spot to sleep for the night. Since we boondockers don't like paying for an RV stable with neighbors 10 ft away in all directions, "Stealth Camping" is always an option.

In order to be a successful stealth camper, you need to follow a few basic rules:

1. Your camping vehicle needs to blend in.
2. Choose your campsite carefully to avoid a late nite eviction or worse.
3. Stay quiet and keep lights down.
4. Get the hell out of there before sun up!

Number one concerns the choice of vehicle. It's tough to be stealthy in a 30 foot class A motor home for instance (but it is possible). A camping trailer would be pretty obvious as well. The best stealth camping machines are vans, cars, and delivery trucks. A small truck camper like mine blends in pretty good. Since my camper needs the tail gate open in order to enter and exit, I plan to take out the truck back window and make it to where I can crawl thru from the truck cab to the camper. This machine rates pretty good on the stealth potential meter.

Number two is extremely important. Stay out of nice residential neighborhoods or any other area where the cops patrol. Some stealth campers prefer automotive shops, since people will think that your vehicle was dropped off after hours for service. Just make sure you leave before the shop opens. Many Walmarts allow camping. I hear that truck stops and rest areas are good yet noisy places, often with free internet service! My friend "George" often camps in industrial areas or behind grain silos. Many casinos allow camping in the parking lot.

Number three is obvious. Don't pull out the grill and lawn chairs in your stealth camping site. Keep your music down and your lights off. Keep a flashlight ready, preferably one large enough to be used as a weapon. But who would break into an old truck like the Hell Bitch?
Be sure to have a leak proof container in case you need to take a leak. Once your camped, do not go outside for any reason. If the cops come knocking be polite and tell him that your wife just kicked you out or something, the ability to cry would help with this excuse, I better get practicing! Just kidding. Just be polite and honest, and you should be ok.

And number 4 speaks for it's self.

Out west there are so many boondocking opportunities that stealth camping will not be needed too often, but it's nice to have that option.