Jun 7, 2011

June 7th, 2011

Got my 1981 Honda CB 900 Custom running well,  inspected, registered,  and washed/polished!   She runs like a bat and is begging me for a road trip.    Thinking about heading north to Montana,  then half-way across the state to the East to Billings.   Then 100 miles directly South from there is "Buffalo, Wy." where my son lives.    I plan to take it easy and ride for three days.   Still not a definite plan but soon might become one.  I'm looking forward to a road trip actually.     I also would like to head from Buffalo to Sturgis, South Dakota,  and way on down to my home state of Texas.   That trip would be about 2500 miles and take a week and one-half.    I do worry to try for a long trip as the bike is 30 years old,  but the engine is smooth as silk and the mileage is only 20,000.     This bike has 100 more pounds capacity than my last bike, a 2000 Kawasaki Concourse.   I wasn't a big Concourse fan,  and when I got home to ride the Honda,  I instantly put the newer bike up for sale.    To be fair,  the Concourse wasn't set up correctly and had some major death issues at cruising speeds.   I kept her down below 70 and managed to live!  LOL!  

Thats about all I have going on,   still practicing the sax of course and improving daily,   did manage to send off a giant baritone sax and build a very odd but strong box for it.   The sax is going to Germany after all.    I still have a couple other things to send out tomorrow.   EBAYing is nice when you get the money,  but sux when you have three bulky things to box and ship and fill out customs and postal forms and crap.    I still manage to ship all merchandise within 2 days of payment.   Its good for business.   I can't wait to get to China and buy up some cool stuff wholesale from the source,  then flood EBAY with the stuff.   Found out that the earliest I can move into my apartment in China is August 20th,  so a long bike trip should be a way to pass the time.