Mar 23, 2009

March 18 - 23, 2009

Not much all at to right about, the weather was great for 4 days. Highs hitting 60 degrees. It's nice to sit in a chair in the back yard and read.

I'm reading "The Appeal", by my favorite Modern author, James Grisham. Reading a great book in a warm afternoon in Cache Valley, hearing the birds and traffic, with the radio playing Frank Sinatra, cold beer in hand, is one of the things I live for.

Been eating lots of steaks, since t-bones/ribeyes/new york strips, were $4.49 a pound. Fresh aspharagus was $1.49! I like to slowly grill a t-bone using only salt and pepper, while sitting outside late at night, then cut small pieces off it while the steak is cooking. This process involves a small charcoal fire, and lasts about an hour. The dog likes it when we eat steak this way, I send him a tough piece every once and a while for which he is grateful for. I love being outside with my small grill at night, when traffic dies, and most of the world is sleeping.

Logan went snowboarding on Friday (no school for students) after spending a night in his friend "Johnnies" cabin in the resort area of Bear Lake, which is near the ski area. Johnnys father is a bishop of the Mormon church, from what I can tell, this has little effect on Logan.

Saturday, Logan and I drove around to find a place to ride my new to me, dirtbike. Although, all the snow was gone from the valley, the snow was much deeper 1000 feet up into the mountains, where we went.
I got the chance to ride the bike a mile before hitting the real deep snow, which caused me to turn around and come back to the truck 10 minutes later. Damn this bike is FAST! The engine roars as it unleashes 50 horsepower to the back tire. I better respect this beast if I wish to live. It is faster than my mom's souped up Infiniti hotrod!

Sunday, nice weather is over. Cold rain, highs in the 30's. Never left the house, but nice to get lots of rest.

Today, there was an inch of snow on the ground. Students all day bitching about the snow which continued to fall slowly all day. This is not a snow event, just an unloved afterthought of a long long winter.
Two more weeks before Spring Break, then 6 weeks until the summer. I can hardly wait.