May 18, 2009

May 18th 2009

School is so close to being out that they can taste it. The Seniors did an incredible Senior Prank last week. 5 or 6 guys broke in the school, and led 5 live sheep onto the third floor of the building. Sheep are much easier to lead upstairs than downstairs. These kids are smart. They also attached the address of the farm that they "borrowed" the sheep from! The note read take these sheep back to "This Address".

The police are on this one.

Mainly because of the dead skunk they left behind some vending machines.

Amazing that these kids commited two felonies in "their senior prank". Thats dedication!

This past weekend was a good one; nice weather, got the old Kawasaki KZ650's carburators on!
First time I attempted a bike repair that hairy, but in retrospect: It really isn't that hard of an operation. And when the engine fired up and purred as sweetly as I ever heard one of my bikes hummm, I was a happy man.

I made an interesting mixed seafood chowder on Saturday. I had bought a couple pounds of "mixed seafood" at the store, let it swim in fresh lemon Juice for a few hours, fried a mixture of onions, garlic, jalapenos, and celery w/herbs, until it was almost a paste (we want to keep the chowder as "bisque-like" as possible). Use lots of butter. Add a few tablespoons of flour at this point. Then I halfway fried a few chopped up Yukon Gold potatoes (the yellow ones), and added a quart of creme, a pint of water, two bay leaves, and another 1/2 stick of butter to this

Let simmer nearly on warm for the next hour or so. Dump the "mixed seafood" and a can of minced clams, into the mix. And coldly simmer for another 15 minutes or as long as you want to. Yes I tend to oversimmer, and yes the squid was like eating plastic but it sure was good plastic. This was some tasty stuff. The mixed seafood contained: squid slices, baby octopi, little green mussels, imatation crab leg meat (made from pollock) and some sort of fish. Be sure to taste your cooking alot and add the necessary, lemon/wine/tobasco/salt, as your tongue tells you. This is the key to good cooking, you got to taste it at least 5 times before you know its right. And don't go sticking the spoon, you licked on, back in the pot, or no one but you, will want to eat it!

The house smelled of the Atlantic by the time this stuff was done. Yes it broke my mediterrean diet but I'll get back to it. I had to celebrate since this weekend was so great.