Jun 24, 2009

June 24th, 2009


Another great day. (but lets revisit last night)

The chicken/red pepper/ corn on the cob party on the porch lasted till 4 in the morning. Three people joined the party which centered around very old and cool music: Logan, Freddy and me. I wouldn't have invited anyone else even if they all could have attended.

This city is so still and peaceful at those late hours; it's tough to imagine that 100,000 people live up in this valley.

I stay up late at night like this quite a bit. It's the quiet time when I can think. It's the time where I can dream of ideas and contemplate/catagorize my many thoughts. I can go though all my favorite subjects mentally w/o even having to open a book. Dream and philosophize about life in the past, present, and future. Allowing myself to stay up late at night is the most luxurious privilege I can think of. This is what I require..., next to oxygen, food, water, beer, and money (and totally in that order). Staying up late is number six on the "requirements for life.

So I woke up around 1:00 PM. Caught up on my computer things I do, took care of the animals, had a cuppa tea. Then drove the huge 900cc beast up to the GYM. The huge bike weighs about 700 pounds and has the power, fury, and sound of a B29 bomber. I love this bike, every time I ride her, it is like a special event or something. I generally prefer the smaller, more nimble enduro dirt bikes for Jaunts like this. But the CB 900 is a snarling beast that is a joy to ride, however more ominous.

Got to the gym and had to lay in the sun like an alligator again for 20 minutes until those damned swimming lessons were over. I really don't mind laying out in the company of beautiful Morman women, while listening to my MP3 player and baking in the sun with my Oakley sunglasses on. I'd rather bask here than in San Tropez. Once the kids got out, I swam the 15 laps (.42 miles) in about 25 minutes, before laying back on the lounge chairs and tanning my backside for a little while. I then took a steam bath and jacuzzi back in the locker room before treating myself to a banana/pineapple/coconut smoothy with "weight loss formula and a vitamen shot.

I felt so much better on the trip home than the trip there. On the way home I stopped off at Best Buy and found a dry land MP3 player for 50 bucks (nothing fancy) but obtained an MP3 case with built in speakers and a small amplifier, so I can play my sound any were I want, with out having to use earphones. I hope the MP3 radio works good, since I prefer the serendipity of the radio, compared to pre-recorded music.

Got home, totally beat from the workout (and the antics of the night before), and took a 2 hour recharge nap. Reawoke around 9 and went out to dinner at the place that Logan works. The Beehive grill just opened two weeks ago, and is like a Chili's, but with a better menu, better beer, and much more class. I wore a button down shirt for this event, since I wanted to look nice for my son. The second I got there I saw two of my students who seemed to be damned glad to see me! The girl kept bragging about how Logan was the best dishwasher in the place!

Since I was alone, I went to the lovely bar area, and ordered a beer and some German sausage/sauerkraut dish, which was top notch! Logan and another student stopped by to welcome me, seems that everyone there was proud of the great place they worked at. I have to admit: This restaurant is the best I've been too in many years. From the looks of the other patrons, I believe that this place will be a hit for many years to come.

I mainly sat at the bar, read the latest Smithsonian Magazine, and slowly ate my food, while listening to the happyness all around. I will go there at least once a week.

Came home and spent the usual hour and a half, sitting with the LLama (Sue) while she eats, she seems to like the company, and hung around Freddy the wonderdog at the same time. They were worried because I was about two hours late.

Freddy is proud of his communication skills. Last night, while the grill was on auto pilot I laid down on the couch for a few minutes to watch a tv show and started drifting off to sleep. Freddy, not wanting to miss his share of the food, started whining in a particular way from his carpet in the kitchen. He was so persistant that I woke up, and he indicated that I needed to get back to the grill. When I listened to him he started dancing around like he always does, when he succeeds in communicating something of great importance to me. He way so happy! Had he not intervened, I probably would have slept all night, and both of us would have missed dinner completely. Freddy is a brilliant dog, I will probably be a collie owner forever after owning Freddy.

Logan got home around Midnight and is patiently waiting to use this computer, so I guess I must get off for now.

June 23rd, 2009

Tuesday: I sold my Volvo! Now I can pay income taxes and shit. I can afford to fix up some of my remaining vehicles as well. Talked to Mom and Dad for a while, got some bad news about one of my uncles.

Rode the bike a few miles today; swimming was out of the question.

Logan worked hard again, came home in a great mood as usual. In the mornings he tends to be quiet and somber.

Slow bar-b-qued 6 chick legs with a cut in half red bell pepper (on sale for 50 cents each so I bought more than a few of them), and two water soaked corn on the cob with husks (I had to throw those wet bastards in the middle of the fire). Still doing that now.

Muscles still too sore to swim, but it is a "good sore" and not a bad one. Tomorrow I'll be back and swimming hopefully: My abdominal muscles seem to be very sore, so I will have to check them first. Don't ever want to piss them off!

Nite all, today was a fine day afterall.