Jun 27, 2009

June 26th, 2009

(This photo has nothing to do with the subject, but I love this picture. Dad is wearing a Rastaman hat that my daughter made me, and a pancho, that one of my 6th graders brought me from Mexico a few years ago. Dad was cold sitting outside in 50 degree weather.)

Woke up with dog pawing me to go outside. This wasn't like the time he woke me because he had to use the bathroom and was about to explode. He had an alterior motive. I happened to leave the back yard window open and he heard the dogs next door barking. He just knew how to manipulate me to get his wishes. Intelligent dogs are hard to trust and are often full of shit....

The llama communicates too. In the evenings I give her a scoop of llama feed then sit nearby and read while she eats. I have the radio going on while she's eating. When she is finished she stands about 8 feet away and stares at me with her big eyes and begins to moan. Once her moans get louder than the radio I look over and say "hey Sue"; she then starts smacking her lips in an overexaggerated manner. Usually I'll ignore her for 10 or 20 minutes, or tell her to wait, so she doesn't cram too much food down at once, but when I get up and grab the scoop she gets very happy and follows me to the house like a puppy. I make her stop at 2 scoops, since each scoop is 1 quart, and who wants a fat obnoxious llama?

Went to the gym, with my underwater mp3 gear, and swam 1000 yards! Thats 20 times back and fourth in a 50 yard pool. Farther than I've swam in 30 years!!! My old goal was only 500 yards, which I managed to swim for the past year, and it was boring as hell. But with music... 1000 yards is no problem. I'll increase this distance in a week or two. Due to time constraints, I'll have to keep it below 2000 yards, but it is great excercise, and fun now that I got music playing.

Imagine: You are swimming laps in a pool rockin to "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC or "Black dog" by Led Zeppelin??? This was so fun...

When I returned home I grabbed 5 days of emergency laundery and asked my son for some of his dirty laundry. He provided a pair of pants and a shirt. Damn, we haven't done any laundry in 20 days, and he hands me one pair of pants and a shirt. WTF?

With nice looking clean clothes on, I walked over to the restaurant where Logan works. The owner recognized me from the previous day, when I told him I was Logans father he became estastic, bragging about what a cool kids Logan was, and telling what a good job he was doing.
This restaurant is a very nice place, with great food and atmosphere. This was they're second friday to be open and the place was packed, with people waiting in line to eat. They didn't even advertise or have a grand opening.