Apr 12, 2011

April 12th, 2011

I'm back in Logan and my daily grind.   The trip back from Sheridan was fun since I had the airliner all to myself on the leg from Sheridan to Denver.   The steward recognized me from my trip there and asked me if he had to demonstrate the safety features again.    Pretty fun being the only one on a 30 passenger plane; I just sat in the middle of the back seat and enjoyed the luxury.

To follow up on my earlier observations about Wyoming,  I am still as impressed with the people as I was on the first day I was there.  Didn't encounter any rude person,  no one asked me "Where are you from",  I could walk into any establishment and felt treated as well as the locals.   I've never experienced this before, except down in Mexico or a certain chain of Islands in the Pacific.

Tough going back to school on Monday.  I just went through the motions has I have been doing all year long,  but I did talk to my Principal about taking a year off.   I plan to move to Wyoming and "LIVE IN A TRUCK CAMPER",  which has been a dream of mine for many years now.   I will have three monthly paychecks to live on ($10,000),   so I won't have to hit the ground running.  There are plenty of jobs in the hotel and education industry at the moment,  so finding a job should be easy.   I might start taking donations via Paypal (send money to my account at "albarnes707@yahoo.com"  if you are so inclined.     If this experiment should fail I plan to go back to my old job the fall of 2012,  unless the Mayans are right about things.    I also might teach in the orient should Wyoming become boring,  but I doubt I'll get bored in the first year.      I also want to spend the winter at 8000 ft in the Bighorn mountains on land accessible only by snowmobile or snowshoes.  I am full of ideas,  and I usually get around to fulfilling them.    My number one goal is to get healthy,  which is hard for me to do under a full-time stressful job.   I want to live a much longer life than this current lifestyle will allow.

Bought one of those Chinese saxophones off EBAY and had it shipped to the Mountain view Motel where I spent last week.   I have read good reviews about this horn and I must agree.  Being a Tenor sax player I was warned about the difficulties in playing the Soprano sax (which is about the same size as a clarinet).    I had little problem learning to play it and plan to play the Soprano many years into the future.
The case is 1/4 the size of my Tenor,  and can play notes so high it can wake the dead with little problem.   The Soprano is in the key of B flat just like the Tenor,  so I can play the same music on both horns.   I can also play trumpet music with it and hit the same high notes. (the Soprano is the little sax at the bottom of the photo)  [photo by USD.edu]

After being sick for the past month I finally acquiesced and went to see my doctor,   turns out I have "walking pneumonia" which will soon be kicked after a 10 day regiment of horse pill sized antibiotics.
He also included a bottle of Codeine cough syrup,  which is kicking my ass as I type.  Never mix two beers with two teaspoons of this shit!   My cough is gone,  so no more codeine for me tonight.

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